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“Galileo is the only system which is driven by civil interests”
Paul Verhoef
Said the Programme Manager, EU satellite navigation programme, European Commission, while emphasising on the difference between Galileo and other GNSS systems in a recent interview with Coordinates. He further adds,” for most nations some autonomy is for strategic applications and thus the pressure to have independent systems will remain. If there are five systems and consequently a hundred fifty satellites around the world it might give the illusion that we are over supplied. However for military purposes each nation would use only its own system. For civil use it would be different but the question is how much we can de-correlate civil and military use”.…

Until next time…
Shubhra Kingdang
After the euphoria over the successful Chile mine rescue it is time to analyse the incident and ponder on the lessons learned. Mines and accidents have been intertwined since time immemorial. But the Chile mining accident has become a watershed.…


The Implementation of a simulation platform for INS/GNSS integrated systems
Chih-Yu Hu, Meng-Lung Tsai and Kai-Wei Chiang
Readers may recall that in last issue we published the components of INS/GNSS simulation platform and principle of the simulator. Here we present the results and discussion…

Numerical simulations of the optimal geodetic conditions with radioastron
Erhu Wei, Sándor Frey, Peilai Zhou and Jingnan Liu
SVLBI is the unique space technology that can directly interconnect the three reference systems, which include the Conventional Inertial System (CIS) fixed in space and defined by radio sources, the Conventional Terrestrial System (CTS) fixed to the Earth and defined by a series of observing stations on the ground, and the dynamic reference system defined by the movement of a satellite …

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CHC GNSS board passes evaluation and qualification

Microsurvey looking for distribution partners

Wipro, Leica Geosystems bag Coal India deal

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Trimble GPS Handhelds support green Initiatives for Shanghai

51% of GLONASS by Sistema

Broadcom supports QZSS

Norway signs Galileo agreement with Commission
Norway and the European commission have signed a cooperation agreement on satellite navigation. Norwegian industry is involved since the beginning of the GALILEO programme. Two important ground stations are hosted in Norwegian territory: one on the island of Svalbard and one in Antarctica... [more]

Galileo ground station in Pacific
The latest addition to the worldwide network of stations serving the Galileo satellite navigation system has been inaugurated in New Caledonia. This French-administered group of islands is in the southwest Pacific.… [more]

Emergency EU Galileo satnav service plans develop
Secure satellite navigation for emergency and security services moved closer to reality under proposals published by the EC. The proposals cover access rules for the Public Regulated Service, which will be set up on the back of Galileo satellite system and will use highly encrypted signals to protect against threats… [more]


Air Force rebuts auditor’s GPS concerns

GPS chips in rhino horns

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Navmii introduces free iPhone Nav App

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Open roads for London Olympics

Bangladesh digital maps by 2016

Japan develops unmanned aircraft

Indonesia to launch two satellites in 2011


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