Towards the prediction of Earthquakes with GNSS data
Dr Shunji Murai, Dr Harumi Araki and Dr Hideharu Yanagi
The paper aims to validate the use of GNSS signals prior to the occurrence of earthquakes as a means of earthquake prediction, by referring to the Great East Japan Earthquake. The validation is based on data analysis of GNSS signals at GNSS-based Control Stations, about 1,200 of which have been installed all over Japan by Geospatial Information Authority (GSI) since 1996...

Suitability of projection for Defense Series Maps
Lt Col PVGS Jayaram, Dr T Vijaya Lakshmi and Maj Gen RC Padhi
It’s right time to close the discussion once for all and cement the choice of suitable projection for DSM. National Mapping Policy (India) 2005 has recommended rightfully the usage of UTM as projection for Open Series Maps (OSM), and LCC for Defence Series Maps (DSM). There are valid technical reasons why LCC suits DSM when compared to UTM...

  Precision Analysis of IGS Long Baseline Processing Based on GAMIT/GLOBK
Erhu WEI and Jiandong LIU
The paper expounds the main module of GAMIT GPS data processing software, basic steps and treatment scheme of the data processing and quality evaluation system of the GAMIT data processing. This paper introduces the main application, steps of data processing of the software GLOBK and the problems that people need to be aware of ....

Search for the Plate Transition Zone in Bulgaria with GPS
Keranka Vassileva and Mila Atanasova-Zlatareva
The main objectives of this study are the estimation of Euler rotation vector and Euler pole and on the base of obtained results to attempt to determine the transition boundary of the Eurasia plate in the Bulgarian territory..

Accuracy and repeatability investigation of CSRS-PPP online processing service
M Abdelazeem and R N Çelik
This paper investigates the accuracy and repeatability of the Canadian Spatial Reference System (CSRS) Precise Point Positioning (PPP) or known briefly as (CSRS-PPP) online processing service at different latitude regions...

The boundary stones of Tutankhamun’s father - Akhenaten’s city of the sun
John Francis Brock
The paper describes the design and layout of these impressive ancient surveyor’s boundary stones along with contemporary history leading up to the most recent events affecting Akhenaten’s Stelae as a spectacular example of the vital importance of surveyors during this turbulent period of the Great Egyptian Civilisation...

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‘Easy and cost effective way of testing satellite receivers under realistic conditions’

“Engaging the Challenges, Enhancing the Relevance” - XXV FIG CONGRESS

NovAtel® introduces commercially exportable IMU

STAR*NET8: Thousands of Coordinate systems now available. Download FREE Demo now!

Five Centimeter global real time accuracy without a base station

Hit your Goals in GNSS simulation

TerraStar offers revenue sharing opportunities

New generation of DAT/EM photogrammetric suite

New MobileMapper 20 Handheld

RIEGL LMS-Q1560 deployed at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Programmable GNSS Receiver Modules measure 10 x 10 x 1.3 mm

Spirent enables integration in consumer devices


Europe weighs Galileo-compatibility mandate for Smartphones
The European Commission is now weighing whether to mandate Galileo adoption not only in European critical infrastructures but also in selected areas including smartphones. The EU is adopting a system called eCall, which when installed in automobiles automatically sends out a signal to emergency-service providers when a crash is detected...[more]

Maritime trial route of Galileo
The Belgian frigate Leopold I-F930, participating in the end-of-year trials, carried the most up-to-date equipment possible, with multiple Galileo receivers for both its public Open Service (OS) and secure Public Regulated Service (PRS)...[more]

GMV – Consortium considerations for Galileo
The European Commission has awarded the contract for the development of the Galileo Commercial Service Demonstrator to a GMV-led consortium. It will develop and test different Commercial Service solutions, including real Galileo Signal In Space tests, and facilitating the testing of other solutions by external service providers...[more]

‘FREE Subscription to the lastest GNSS innovation news’

US decision to freeze construction of GLONASS stations

Russia, China eye cooperation of GLONASS and BeiDou

‘Leader in high precision positioning products for Unmanned applications’

GPS based aircraft tracking mandated by 2020

Aircraft GPS System Being Rolled out in Australia

TI Bluetooth Smart technology

Alibaba to acquire AutoNavi

Brazil to test drones in monitoring the Amazon rainforest

GIS market in South Korea

GIS for Mekong Delta region in Vietnam

Revamped AGIS for Abuja residents

Dutch parliament allows drone surveillance

Fines up to R50k for Drone flyers in S. Africa


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