Evaluation of high sensitivity GPS receivers  Jiahuang Zhang, Binghao Li, Andrew G Dempster and Chris Rizos | Operation and implementation of heading reference system  Piotr Kaniewski and Jakub Kazubek   |SDI framework Warwick Jones, Micahel Ellyett and Ngo Duc Mau | Interview Vice Admiral B R Rao |Download  your copy of March 2011 issue!


Evaluation of high sensitivity GPS receivers
Jiahuang Zhang, Binghao Li, Andrew G Dempster and Chris Rizos
The performance of the receivers from different the manufacturer varies - one receiver may perform very well in one aspect, but not that as well against other criteria. There is no single clear "winner" on the HSGPS receiver market. However, with technological advances a better HSGPS receiver can always be expected to be released.…

  Operation and implementation of heading reference system
Piotr Kaniewski and Jakub Kazubek
This article presents a project and hardware design of Heading Reference System (HRS) system, utilizing an electronic compass with tilt sensors and a gyro. These sensors are used to correct the Compass measurements. The main task of the developed system is to determine the current...

SDI framework
Warwick Jones, Micahel Ellyett and Ngo Duc Mau
The work of building "Spatial Data Infrastructure" is in progress all over the world. There are many challenges: governance, organisational, technical, data sharing, transitional and more. In Feb 2011 issue we have carried the first part of the paper. Here we present the concluding part…

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SMART MR15™ GNSS Receiver/Antenna by NovAtel

ESRI opens R&D center in China

Spirent and Bluetest collaborate

RIEGL VMX-250 with optional camera

Compact GPS Compass products by Hemisphere GPS

Leica's SaaS with automatic reporting

STUDENTserver by Bentley

Trimble GeoExplorer 6000 series

Blue Marble GeoCore 2.0

Broadcom's GLONASS support

C-Nav3050 GNS receiver

MTS to sell Russian phone with GLONASS

u-blox and Rohde & Schwarz team up

ROUTE 66 new app for Android


Galileo test environment open for business
Galileo Test and Developm -ent Environment (GATE) in Berchtesgaden, Germany officially opened on Feb 4...[more]

Czech firms to profit from Galileo seat transfer to Prague
Czech firms will benefit from moving of the headquarters of the Galileo Supervisory Authority (GSA) to Prague. GSA head Carlo des Dorides of Italy told journalists. Czech firms may, for instance, take part in the development of signal receivers or applications for the GNSS, he said… [more]

ESA conducts Europewide Galileo satellite launch dress rehearsal
Europe's GNSS system is still 6 months away from first launch of its in-orbit validation spacecraft, but one GALILEO satellite has already been put through its paces, taking center stage in a Europe-wide exercise conducted recently by the European Space Agency … [more]


PRS92 surveying standard compulsory in Philippines

Russia loses and then finds GEO-IK-2

Russia, India collaborate on GLONASS

Contract given for navigation system to Northrop Grumman

GPS for local trains in India

US Senator to introduce privacy bill for LBS

Ground mapping for Chinese Army

US appoints 15 geospatial advisors

UN proposes global geospatial information mechanism

Israel weighing Street View benefits despite security concerns

India terminates S-band contract

Images to estimate crop harvest


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