Do Not Track!
George Cho
Information technology reduces the ability of an individual to control information pertaining to that person, and it is this aspect of individual privacy that is placed at risk by high powered computers and informatics...One wonders now whether geospatial technologies have exposed privacy, and whether this exposure has given rise to an unrealistic expectation of privacy protection. It may be that privacy has been poorly understood involving emotional and mass fear and uncertainty so that calm reflection and contemplation has not taken place...

  Geodetic activities in Latin America and The Caribbean: always IN
C Brunini and L Sanchez
Readers may recall that we have published an article" Geodesy: Out with the Old, In with the New" by Prof Chris Rizos in November 2011. We present here some observations of SIRGAS on that article and clarification by Prof Rizos...

Crowdsourcing and land administration
Robin McLaren
The challenge for land professionals is not just to replicate elements of their current services using crowdsourcing, but to radically rethink how land administration services are managed and delivered in partnership with citizens. Land administration by the people for the people can become a distinctly 21st century phenomenon...


Accuracy maintenance method for Mobile Mapping System Data at GPS invisible area
Akihisa Imanishi, Kikuo Tachibana and Koichi Tsukahara
In this paper accuracy investigation of MMS vehicle position correction process using GCP and development of accuracy maintenance method for MMS data at GPS Invisible Area are discussed. We present here the fi rst part of the paper. The concluding part will be published in July 2012 issue...

WAAS Today
Deborah Lawrence
To ensure Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) continues to be a viable resource for the future, the FAA implements continued system development, sustainment, and technology refresh activities. It is currently in Phase III of development, which includes activities to make WAAS compatible with the new GPS L5...

  Industry news   Galileo update   Other News
Who will attend the Survey Summit!

NexTraq inks deal with Novatel to enhance fleet tracking

OROLIA : New Dual Frequency Multi-GNSS Constellation Simulator

ECMG, Poland uses Spectra Precision

Racelogic wins two Queen's Awards for Enterprise

Esri GPS base station joins CORS network

Leica announces ScanStation C10 and Cyclone v7.4

Tiny GNSS timing receiver by Trimble

CHC opens its European Repair Center

Snow Grooming Guidance and Depth System by Hemisphere GPS

RiMINING and RiMONITOR software products by RIEGL

DigitalGlobe rejects GeoEye's USD 792 mn bid


EGNOS, best application idea
Since its certification for use in managing air traffic and other securitycritical applications in 2011, EGNOS - Europe's augmentation system for GPS - now enables new applications for precise and reliable satellite navigation...[more]

Next Galileo satellites to launch after the summer
The European Commission has announced the launch date of the next pair of ESA-procured Galileo satellites on 28 September...[more]

GNSS Agency moves to Prague
The lower chamber of the Czech Parliament announced, on 3 May, that it has given the green light to the transfer to Prague of the administrative headquarters of the agency in charge of managing Galileo...[more]

Astrium built Galileo satellites fit and fully operational
The first two Galileo In-Orbit Validation (IOV) satellites built by Astrium are working perfectly and now begin full in-orbit operations...[more]

Will suveyorss continue to stick their head in the sand or will they look to the future...?

LightSquared files for bankruptcy

'China launches new navigation satellite into orbit

GPS repaired in Space

Compass to cover Asia-Pacific

Glonass may be compulsory to fly in Russian airspace

UID registration process to be smoother using GPS

Scientists design indoor navigation system for blind

USD 15 bn lawsuit on Facebook for tracking users

Kuwait GIS to be made public


China launches new remotesensing satellite

Row over commercial satellite imagery cut intensifies

GeoEye, Rolta team up to enhance market presence


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