Transport planning in Korea  Moon-Beom Heo, Jae-Ik Park, Eunsung Lee, Woo-Yong Kang and Jung-Ho Cho | PND vs mobile  Jörn Watzke   | Integration in a receiver position computation Filipo Rodriguez and Gian Paolo Plaia | Need for comprehensive urban information system  P Misra | Interview  Sanjai Kohli |
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Need for comprehensive urban information system
P Misra
The need - environment of an Urban Information System has undergone a sea change over the last few years. Couple of years back the requirements of information system was designed and projected primarily from the planners community. Presently the demands are coming from urban engineers involved in detailed design of water supply and sewerage systems, traffic and transportation¬, electricity and power and revenue authorities that are concerned with the land/property related matters.  

Integration in a receiver position computation
Filipo Rodriguez and Gian Paolo Plaia
When the data are acquired by different sets of transmitters they have different time references and therefore in the position computation the receiver must take into account the difference among the different time references. This paper covers the different aspects of the integration in a receiver position .


Transport planning in Korea
Moon-Beom Heo, Jae-Ik Park, Eunsung Lee, Woo-Yong Kang and Jung-Ho Cho
Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) is working on a project “Development of GNSS based transportation infrastructure technology” to respond to future transportation system and to expand the use of GNSS for land transportation. Establishment of nation-wide transportation infrastructure with GNSS technology would facilitate development of the next-generation growth engines

  Industry news   Galileo update   Other News

NovAtel Adds New IMU to its SPAN™ GNSS/INS product line

Leica releases MobileMatriX 4.0,updates GMX902 family

Bentley releases MXROAD and MXROAD suite

Trimble news

Hemisphere GPS new products

Spirent introduces Wi-Fi Positioning Test Solution

TerraSAR-X ELEVATION product

Autodesk Topobase 2011 Products

New 3D Machine Control Software

Smallest Dual Frequency GPS Receiver

SITECH technology dealer in India

Commercial Airport Mapping Database by GeoEye

Aerial survey of London in a day

TanDEM-X satellite launched

RUAG Space selected to provide equipment for Galileo satellites
RUAG Space has been selected to supply components worth a total of approximately 35 million Euros to equip 14 satellites in the European Galileo navigation program. [more]

Jean-Jacques Dordain to continue as Director General of ESA
The Council of the ESA announced that Jean-Jacques Dordain will continue as the Director General of ESA for a further period of four years. Mr Dordain has served as Director General of ESA since 2003. This third mandate extends his term to June 2015[more]

EU sees opportunities for space applications
The European Commission’s recently adopted GNSS Applications Action Plan aims to place European industry in pole position to take full advantage of the global downstream market worth about €100 billion in particular by using its own satellite navigation programmes, Galileo and EGNOS.[more]


GPS IIIB Program progress

Boeing GPS IIF-1 satellite active

China sends Beidou to orbit

Tsunami Prediction System

Limitations of 9-1-1 Calls

NASA GenX search system

NextGen GPS in planes by 2020

DGPS to aid Mumbai Metro

Indian Cabinet approves national policy on data sharing

Delhi joins cities with utilities on digital format

USGS accelerates access to maps in Oil Spill area

Great Britain’s “fraud landscape”

WebGIS applied to Traffic Impact Assessment

UKHO completes official ENC coverage of China

UN campaign to make cities more disasters resistant


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