Pilotless Aerial Vehicle Systems: Size, scale and functions
George Cho, Andrea Hildebrand, Johanna Claussen, Peter Cosyn and Simon Morris
The relative absence or exception to policy from stringent air safety regulation makes the small UAV an attractive platform for users and manufacturers alike. Whether this hypothesis is sustainable is yet to be tested...
  UAV Project - Building a reality-based 3D model
Rongjun QIN, Prof em DR Armin GRUEN, DR Xianfeng HUANG
In this paper, the UAV mission and the data processing steps to generate a 3D model of the National University of Singapore campus have been..

Smart Solutions for Disaster Management
Shunji Murai
Construction of smart communities would be the best solution for preparedness against future catastrophic disasters. There is nothing absolutely safe in the case of Nuclear Power Stations. Therefore a small country such as Japan which also is disaster prone should not allow construction of any more nuclear power...

On the high precision prediction of short-term polar motion
Erhu WEI and Zhixiang YIN
Combinational model of least squares and ARMA (p,q) has been applied to predict polar motion but it is only suitable for short term forecast. When the span is longer than 20 days, its accuracy is lower than other models...


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Softmouse 3D controller – Smooth, lightweight and accurate!

JAVAD: TRIUMPH-VS software updates 1.10

NovAtel announces End of Life for WAAS G-II Reference Receiver

Northrop’s navigation pact for India

When you are short on space and big on ideas

BAE Systems to provide intelligence support for NGIA

HydroLite-TM – a must have for hydrographic surveying!

Intergraph® Introduces GeoMedia 2013

CHC opens its EuropeanRepresentative Office

Europa Technologies deploys via Europa service for SeaZone

New Standards in Surveying via UAS

Esri supports USAID-Funded Center

Raytheon wins DARPA contract

Third Galileo satellite begins transmitting navigation signal
Europe’s third Galileo satellite has transmitted its first test navigation signals back to earth. The two Galileo satellites launched last October have reached their final orbital position and are in the midst of testing...[more]

2012 European Satellite Navigation Competition Results
This is the ninth year for the European Satellite Navigation Competition, which has grown from a Europe-only affair to an international competition with more than 400 submissions for GNSS applications ideas. The 2012 Galileo Master award was won by Portuguese team who use ULFMC for wayfinding where GNSS can’t go....[more]

EGNOS goes live at Milan Linate
Milan Linate airport has become the fi rst in Italy to provide satellitebased EGNOS navigation services to all operators at no cost. Other Italian airports are scheduled to soon follow in 2013 in line with Italy’s national Performance Based Navigation implementation plan...[more]

Researchers told to ward off navigation system interference

China’s Beidou opens to public in Asia

Putin urges CIS Countries to join Glonass

India to launch satellite linked navigation services

Mapping from Wi-Fi “Fingerprints” Could Improve Indoor Navigation

China launches Turkish remote sensing satellite

Remote Sensing Space Centre in Haiti

Iran to launch 2 new homemade satellites soon

GeoEye announces first sale to the Government of India

US Congress reforms the export control framework for satellites

Pléiades 1B satellite launched,joins Pléiades 1A

IIT-Roorkee, India invents cost effective virtual mapping tech

Myanmar braces for first census in 30 years


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