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Fast approach cadastral documentation
Alexander Kohli
The logical consequence of economic development-land consumption- substantiates the need for sustainable land management and cadastre. Successful attempts to direct or manage land consumption or land use can only run on a solid base of a well-maintained digital cadastre which represents the actual situation of property and tenure holdings as well as the Public- Law restrictions on land...

Solutions for open land administration
Neil Pullar, Andrew McDowell, Alexander Solovov, Elton Manoku and Maria Paola Rizzo
Its aim is to make computerized cadastre and registration systems based on open source software more affordable and more sustainable in developing countries...

IRNSS - Want More From Less?
Vyasaraj Guru Rao and Gérard Lachapelle
One of the general approaches to enhance coverage is by having more satellites. This research performed an analysis with different vectors, deduced an optimal constellation with slots available to India (ISRO) and yet achieves 60% more coverage than the existing constellation. From a regional perspective this is a significant improvement where more coverage is achieved with less satellites...


Malaria Transmission risk in India
M Palaniyandi
The present study provides the information on the spatial agreement of association between the malaria disease transmissions, mosquito breeding habitats suitability of land use / land cover and weather determinants...

  Critical Developments in Land Surveying
Brian J Coutts and Malcolm McCoy
Does land surveying profession require a paradigm shift in identity to maintain its relevance? Research will continue into such questions that are critical to the education, practice and continued existence of the professional land surveyor...


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The R&S®SMBV100A vector signal generator with GNSS software options

Septentrio GNSS receivers for DEME group Dredging Ops

LabSat Record and Replay simulator now includes BeiDou

Magellan SmartGPS

NovAtel GNSS receivers provide BeiDou support

You Imagine it. We’ll position it

Leica Geosystems wins European tender

CARIS and EIVA partnership for offshore surveys

Swedish/UAE JV wins Abu Dhabi air navigation services contract

ArcGIS for aviation improves aeronautical data management

Surrey Satellite to evaluate small satellite approach to GPS


Galileo’s search and rescue system passes first space test
The first switch-on of a Galileo search and rescue package shows it to be working well. Its activation begins a major expansion of the space-based Cospas–Sarsat network, which brings help to air and sea vessels in distress...[more]

Road and rail looking ahead to new satellite opportunities
Satellite-driven technology will make travel faster, smoother and safer in the coming years, and Europe’s Galileo programme is speeding the changes, experts agreed at the European Space Solutions conference couple of months back...[more]

Curtin University combines GPS with Galileo satellite
Researchers from Curtin University have discovered how to integrate GPS technology with the emerging multi frequency Galileo. The research, funded by the Australian Space Research Program, is the first to be completed in Australia...[more]

Javad news

Joint UK-US statement regarding GPS IP

China’s BeiDou system is GLONASS ally, not competitor

BeiDou now opened for public usage

The GNSS market positions itself for the future

GNSS charges by Russia– a cause of concern

$3 billion generated by Indian geo services industry in 2011

NGIS for Sustainable Development

Vietnam to launch first Earth observation satellite

New app uses GPS to help movement of blind

Indian mobile firms lock horns with Government over LBS

Uganda mapping out its municipal presence


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