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  Towards a safer sky with EGNOS
F Javier de Blas
As most of the Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) systems around the world, EGNOS was defined, designed and developed to be used primarily for aviation. Therefore the Safety of Life (SoL) Service is “the service” that EGNOS was originally meant to provide, justifying its very existence....

NSDI in India: Status and the road ahead
R Siva Kumar and PS Acharya
During the XII Plan (2012-2017), NSDI is being upscaled to develop the National Geographical Information System (NGIS) by setting up of a National Data Registry, a National Geo-spatial Platform, and development of products/ application services for a select group of end users...


  Single frequency GPS/GALILEO precise point positioning
Akram Afifi and Ahmed El-Rabbany
Single-frequency PPP algorithms were developed in this research to combine the E1 Galileo and L1 GPS signals. The results show a sub-decimeter level of accuracy and an improvement up to 30% of the convergence time...

Integrated disasters and risk management policy, legislation and regulations
Wafula Luasi Nabutola
Policies and legislations on risk prevention and, in the unfortunate event of occurring, risk reduction and facilitation of relief activities can help to reduce the human sufferings and impact of disasters and health emergencies. They can also be critical to empowering communities and the society as a whole, to do the work they need to do to address the most urgent situations of vulnerability...

  Industry news   Galileo update   Other News
NovAtel CORRECT™ OEM Positioning Solution

New FARO® SCENE 5.2 software

New Leica Cyclone 8.1

R&S SMBV100A now supports BeiDou

Juniper Archer 2 by Altus

A higher stage of GNSS testing

‘Imagine if CORS, OPUS and other GNSS networks use Javad receivers…’

LiDAR USA announces CHC Packaging

SimActive Releases Correlator3D™ Version 5.0

New Simplicity Sight Survey 2014 by Carlson Software

New GeoExplorer Data Collection Solution by Trimble

Microsoft partners with TCS, Wipro

GeoMapper handheld solutions


Landmark Navigation for highly automated driving wins Copernicus Masters 2013
Hartmut Runge from the Earth Observation Center of the German Aerospace Center has just been named the overall winner of this year’s Copernicus Masters, as well as of the competition’s BMW ConnectedDrive Challenge...[more]

Delays for Galileo
The prime contractor of Europe’s 22 Galileo positioning, navigation and timing satellites said it is likely to retain its planned profit on the program despite delays that have caused European Commission officials to threaten penalties...[more]

ESA’s Galileo Satellites
The first of the two satellites is now midway through a fiveweek immersion in vacuum and temperature extremes that mimic the conditions it faces in space...[more]

GPS interference & jamming detection & monitoring service by Chronos

GPS backup plans still incomplete

RTCM Issues an amendment of its standard for Differential GNSS

Glonass security against Electronic Warfare

Glonass must for phones sold in Russia

Funding for Galileo and EGNOS

Boosts for LBS by Singapore government

Sony Seeks ‘SmartWig’ Patent for Hairpieces With Sensors

TRAI prescribes tariff for service data-based mobile banking

Singapore, Esri sign agreement on 3D smart city technology

RADARSAT-2 DEM for the Malaysian Government


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