Time To First Fix: Will IRNSS solve the problem?
Vyasaraj Guru Rao and Gérard Lachapelle
This article provides a top level description of methods to achieve fast Time To First Fix (TTFF) and characterizes it using GPS and GLONASS L1 receiver, then generalizes the result for emerging systems such as the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System. A brief overview of receiver operations is first presented from a TTFF perspective...

A war on two fronts for the PND
Zhong Ming Ng
Going by the direction traditional PND manufacturers are taking, into both integration (into in-car systems) and evolution (into the connected PND) leveraging on their core competitive advantages, it is perhaps too early still to take the demise of the PND...

Datum transformations using exclusively geodetic curvilinear coordinates without height information
Dr Dimitrios Ampatzidis
A method of transforming curvilinear coordinates from WGS84 to local datum and vice versa is presented in this paper. The basic idea of the method lies on the connection between the translations of a Cartesian system and curvilinear differences on a particular spheroid...


Responding to the Great East Japan Earthquake
Toru Nagayama, Kazuo Inaba, Tamotsu Hayashi, Hiroyuki Nakai
Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI) conducted response activities at full strength against the tragic East Japan Great Earthquake in the year 2011. GSI’s Geospatial information was well utilized by various people and organizations in disaster response activities. Meanwhile, new challenges were recognized through the experience, prompting continuous improvement of disaster response...
Data integration and sharing for disaster management
John SF Fabic
The Philippine Geoportal is an e-government funded project that aims to establish a web portal that provides a system for sharing of and access to geospatial information...

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JAVAD providing latest GNSS technology for past 30 years

G-3100-R1 positioning system and R-200 total station by Pentax

NovAtel New SPAN® MEMS Enclosed Receiver, Pinwheel OEM GNSS antenna

Nikon NivoTM 5M total station for aircraft leveling

Leica Viva GS14 Compact GNSS Receiver

Trimble and Bentley Create Strategic Alliance

Integrate GPS Signals with your Motion Testing and Simulation

Bathymetric, Charting, and Survey Solution by QPS

Using LabSat in the absence of GPS

Intergraph® leverages Leica Geosystems’ TruView

UltraMap v3.0 by Microsoft

GeoEye and JSI Support Japanese Govt. with EyeQ


Galileo Security Monitoring Center being built in France
At the site of the future main Galileo Security Monitoring Center (GSMC) in Saint Germain en Laye outside Paris, a ground-breaking ceremony was organised by the French Space Agency (CNES), with a large contingent of French civilian and military authorities and EU officials in attendance...[more]

Research cruise testing EGNOS satnav for ships
A research vessel surveying European waters is also charting the maritime performance of Europe’s EGNOS satnav system...[more]

CEVA and GSN to offer software-based GNSS solutions
CEVA, Inc., a licensor of silicon intellectual property platform solutions and DSP cores, and Galileo Satellite Navigation, Ltd., or GSN, a developer of multi-system global navigation satellite system, or GNSS, receiver technology, have announced a partnership to offer software-based GNSS solutions for the CEVA-XC and CEVA-TeakLite-III DSP platforms...[more]

Beidou commercial services can generate high revenues

Russia’s new GNSS mandate to require Glonass receivers

GPS to monitor housing schemes, misuse of funds in Indian state

World’s smallest multi-GNSS module

NIS Glonass to partner BSNL, MTNL in India

Augmented reality apps may generate USD 300 mn in 2013

China Mobile LBS Has over 20mn Users

FGDC to develop shared geospatial platform

Thailand prevents forest encroachment with GIS map

Vietnam to build land data system

SIRIUS UAV by Position Partners

Saudi Arabia to launch satellites in 2013 and 2015


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