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Spatially Smart Wine
Fadhillah Norzahari, Kate Fairlie, Adrian White, Mitchell Leach, Mark Whitty, Stephen Cossell, Jose Guivant and Jayantha Katupitiya
Spatially Smart Wine was a project initiated by an enthusiastic group of Sydney Young Surveyors, with the support of the Institute of Surveyors New South Wales and the School of Surveying and Spatial Information Systems and the University of New South Wales. Here is the first part of the paper...

Receiver designers should be prepared for a more complicated spectral environment
Richard Keegan
It seems unlikely that the FCC would authorize the use of High 10; the interference to all classes of GPS receivers is massive, and there is no way technically to filter it out without causing severe performance problems. If the FCC authorizes the use of Low 10, the responses of manufacturers and users will be to upgrade and replace receivers, obtaining the best performance that we can in this environment...

Land governance
Keith Clifford Bell
This paper discusses the World Bank support for sustainable land reform, focusing on the East Asia Region, with particular emphases on initiatives in land governance, land development investment, tenure security, NSDI, e-government, land tax, spatial planning, disaster response and mitigation. First and second part of this paper was published in Oct 2011 and Nov 2011 issue. We present here the concluding part...


User requirements analysis for the development of NSDI
Ahmed Hamood Mohammed Al-Wardi
This paper elaborates the geospatial data situation in the Sultanate of Oman by reviewing questionnaire results. The fundamental geospatial data which uses mostly in government and private institutions was specified to be the backbone of Oman NSDI. The paper also explains the most important points concerning the nature and accuracy of these data, and the availability of the user’s needs...

The NGIS and NSDI complement each other
Dr R Sivakumar
NSDI could be an enabling mechanism for providing standards, interoperability, research and capacity building and INGO could provide the national GIS platform for crucial Geo DSS applications based on national GIS Data Asset for governance, enterprise and citizen services...
MTech Prog in GIS at NIIT University - An initiative committed to innovation and learning
We are experiencing paradigm shift in the way technology is deployed thereby creating challenging opportunities to experiment and create unique implementation environments. - Rajesh C Mathur
NU MTech GIS has been envisioned to be highly research driven. Innovations and entrepreneurship will be encouraged to bring novel research and applications into practice - Dr Rajeev Shorey

  Industry news   Galileo update   Other News
WORK Microwave and IFEN joint venture on multi-GNSS simulation

Ethiopia water survey uses Leica

New advanced data link for field Comm by Pacific Crest

GNSS Iono Scintillation and TEC Monitor receiver by NovAtel

Hemisphere GPS expands OEM agreement with Navico

Networkfleet announces 5000 series

DAT/EM Systems Software in Ethiopia

Extension of OmniSTAR network with new Astana station

CARIS offers free trial of its latest INSPIRE compliant software

GPS Mapping Software by Eye4Software

Europe signals new way forward for Galileo satellite navigation
The European Commission has proposed a new framework for the financing and governance of Galileo and EGNOS for the period 2014-2020 ... [more]

Galileo satellites well into early orbit preparation phase
The first two Galileo satellites launched on 21 October are well into their early orbit preparation phase, spearheading the deployment of a global navigation satellite system essential to the success of the more advanced stages of the Single...[more]

Taiwan wins European Satellite Navigation Competition
The European Satellite Navigation Competition 2011 announced the Industrial Technology Research Institu was the champion for the GNSS Living Lab Award for its creative Geo-coupon...[more]


GPS group seeks partial ban on LightSquared

Police use of GPS questioned by U.S. Supreme Court

GLONASS constellation update

'Toolkits' bring EGNOS accuracy and integrity to smart phones

Coal India will be using GPS to stop hijacking

NOAA’s NCS II begins production with Esri Nautical Solution

3D, GPS and plot to print capabilities for AutoCAD WS

NRSC to set up data station in Antarctica

Japan, Vietnam sign deal for two radar imaging satellites

China launches remote sensing satellite


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