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Indoor Positioning using probabilistic Virtual Anchor Point graphs
Eike Jens Hoffmann
In this paper we extended our existing concept of VAPs and their proximity detection with a novel approach that we call graph particle filter. In contrast to other methods that use sensor fusion, our particle filter takes only time and Wi-Fi readings for predicting the next VAP...

SYNCHRONET service demonstration results in DEMETRA H2020 project
Enrico Varriale and Quirino Morante
DEMETRA experimentation provided a valuable test-bed for SynchroNet synchronization capabilities and benefitted independent performance evaluation and monitoring...

GNSS data for ionosphere characterization
Josip Vukovic' and Tomislav Kos
The increasing number of GNSS receivers enables comprehensive studies of ionosphere. Different products derived from calculated ionization levels give insight in ionospheric conditions and dynamics...

PGM2016: A new Geoid Model for the Philippines
R Gatchalian, R Forsberg and A Olesen
The PGM2014 was re-computed to the new PGM2016 using additional land gravity stations combined with the same airborne and satellite gravity data. More land gravity data (up to 41,000) will be added from 2017 until 2020 in order to re-compute a new version and further refine the Philippine geoid...

Industry news
GNSS update

Trimble introduces new android application   TRIUMPH-LS Customer Reports

Solution for A-BeiDou LBS by Rohde & Schwarz and MediaTek   DFS launches Precision Navigation

NovAtel Technology, AutonomouStuff Featured in Baidu Apollo Project   Australia’s first GPS infrastructure officially in space

Tersus launches the NeoRTK system to enhance surveying   Consortium Records Scintillation on Galileo Signals in Antarctica

Esri Expands Its World Geocoding Service Capability   DoT makes GPS compulsory for handsets

SXblue Introduces Its Ultimate Survey Grade GNSS Receiver   Palestine will wait for new GIS map

MicroSurvey CAD 2017 released   Drone-based GIS mapping of Panaji on cards under Smart City Mission

Leica Geosystems’ new 3D imaging laser scanner now available in Europe   OS releases open dataset and free map of Britain’s greenspaces

Integrated high-accuracy mobile mapping system - HiScan - S   Solutions to Transform Building and Construction Industry

China plans space-based, solarpowered telecom drones: Report   Intelligent USV with brilliant mobility – iBoat
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