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Track me if you can!
Pei-Hung Jau, Zuo-Min Tsai, Fan-Ren Chang and Huei Wang
The specialized positioning system usedfor the tiny insects, such as bees, has been proposed in this article. In order to achieve the purpose of positioning the target accurately instead of only tracking the target in a rough area, the ranging techniques of the pulse radar system are improved by using the spread spectrum technology which is inspired from the GPS and the other communication system...

  Cadastre: Evolution or Revolution?
Kees de Zeeuw and Martin Salzmann
Nowadays, modern land registry organisations do not only face many new challenges, also the pace of demand for new products and services increases every year. This paper aims to analyse the developments in society that influence the functioning of a cadastral organisation and to show how the Dutch Kadaster handles these developments...


How to measure traffic jam?
Martin Grzebellus
As traffic jam is getting a bad reality in our times, realistic information on the traffic situation together with optimized routing to reduce overall waiting time on the trip become more and more valuable all over the world. But how to validate, if the information provided is reliable and trustworthy? On the first look, this sounds easy, but as truth is in the details, a lot of hurdles have to be passed...

National GIS: Views and Voices
K R Sridhara Murthi, NL Sarda, Swarna Subba Rao and Vandana Sharma
The Planning Commission, India has proposed the establishment of National GIS (NGIS) through Indian National GIS Organization (INGO). It has formed Interim Core Group (ICG) to prepare a blueprint of the NGIS. Readers may recall the interviews of Dr Shaliesh Nayak, Chairman, NGIS, ICG and Dr Mukund Rao, Member Secretary, ICG (Coordinates – July 2011). We present here the views of some of the ICG Members, which though diverse, contribute significantly in building a strong foundation for NGIS...

  Industry news   Galileo update   Other News
'Mona Lisa is back’: last time for SA and this time for AS

Single-enclosure GPS anti-jam antenna for military land vehicles

Earthworks X100 by Hemisphere GPS

Leica RCD30 60MP multispectral camera by Leica Geosystems

New RTX technology by Trimble

Free sample images from GeoEye

Blue Marble Desktop 2.3 released

ProMark 100 GNSS Receivers helps map Underground bunkers

MicroSurvey Releases STAR*NET V7

Save time, cost and build a sustainable tomorrow with ESRI

Septentrio and Altus strategic relationship

GNSS Receiver Smaller Than Business Card

Exclusive GNSS solution offer by Goetrax, CHC distributor for India

INTERGEO 2011: the leading networking platform for geoinfo grows again


Astrium awarded Galileo Full Operational Capability Ground Control Segment Contract
ESA and the EU has selected Astrium as prime contractor for the Galileo Full Operational Capability Ground Control Segment... [more]

GIOVE missions serving as Galileo’s radiation watchdogs
Many experts forecast the space weather to be stormy. After years of inactivity, the Sun is waking up, perhaps profoundly affecting Earth’s space environment and the satellites orbiting through it – including the imminent Galileo... [more]

Europe Finds LightSquared Harm to Galileo Signal
The head of the European Commission’s Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry, the agency that oversees all operations of the Galileo program, has filed an official comment on the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) docket... [more]

European Commission wants individual nations to fund GMES
EC in a surprise move, is proposing that its satellite-based Earth observation program be removed from its seven-year budget starting in 2014...[more]


Report recommends against LightSquared MSS terrestrial planned deployment

End P-Code encryption says Javad

China launches ninth navigation satellite

US-India to cooperate on flight navigation systems

US Air Force replaces GPS 2A-11 with GPS IIF-

Duties to be levied on devices without GLONASS

Mobile apps save USD 17.6 bn annually

UN votes for geospatial expert committee

USDA, ESRI offer cloud-based geospatial service

APAC GIS market to grow at 14%

Vietnam selects Belgian consortium for EO satellite

New RS Data Policy released by Govt. Of India

GeoEye & Scanex sign agreement

Dr. V.S Hegde new CMD of Antrix


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