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Tsunami in Japan
Shunji Murai
Though many Japanese doubted the safety of nuclear power plant, Japanese government and industry oriented people supported the construction of nuclear power plants as the safety was absolutely reliable. Japan committed a big mistake to have listed nuclear power plant as a sustainable development which proved to be of no more sustainable happiness…
  A long way to go
Rajib Shaw
People of Japan are known for its resilience and to cope with the natural disasters. This disaster recovery will also show people’s power through strengthening the resilience among the affected people. A total recovery needs time, people are strong, and should be chased with time. A proper well coordinated, planned and decisive recovery policy with well-thought participation of different stakeholders...


Real time indoor location based service test bed
Li-Ta Hsu, Wen-Ming Tsai and Shau-Shiun Jan
The purpose of this paper is to develop low cost and low power consumption Real Time Indoor Positioning System and then integrate it with a self-developed indoor GIS to form a indoor LBS prototype. Here we present the first part of the paper. Remaining part shall be published in May..

A geo-spatial approach to urban development
Planning for urban settlements has to graduate from a cosmetic `GIS Mapping’ approach to a comprehensive geo-spatial analysis and solution approach. There is no dearth of technology and humanware, there is only a need for a strong geospatial vision and approach at all levels of urban planning and development approach…

  Industry news   Galileo update   Other News
JAVAD TRIUMPH-VS Tracks Galileo E5 altBOC Signal

Spirent is ready for GLONASS, Are you?

NavCom’s SF-3040 STARFIRE™/RTK GNSS pole-mount receiver

Trimble to acquire OmniSTAR for land applications

Vexcel Imaging receives ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

Ashtech aid for GIS field researchers in Greece

NovAtel Inc. OEMStar™ Firmware Version 1.101

Leica Geosystems enhances SP Technology

New GNSS receiver by Topcon

Geneq Introduces Ultra-Small SXBlue GPS L1/L2 RTK Receiver

Blue Marble’s GeoCalc Engine Supports Time Stamped Coordinate Ref Frames


EU aims to curb Galileo costs
The EU Commission isn't willing to accept further costs increases for the Galileo satellite navigation system[more]

Government to resist demands for more Galileo funds
Transport minister Theresa Villiers has warned MPs that the UK will insist on keeping within Galileo's €3.4bn budget… [more]

SSTL's European GNSS payload passes design review
Payloads being delivered by Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) for Europe’s future satellite navigation system have passed the Preliminary Design Review… [more]

The 8th European Satellite Navigation Competition is about to begin
The 8th European Satellite Navigation Competition event will be held on 11 May and is hosted by the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) in London... [more]


India grant-in-aid for GAGAN project

Combat against GPS jammers

UK dangerously over-reliant on GPS

Korea Establishes National GNSS Research Center

GPS signals might get drowned out

EGNOS Navigation System Now Serving Europe’s Aircraft

China plans to track Beijing residents

Israel, Russia to boost cooperation in space

OS accused of monopoly

Hong Kong prepares 3D spatial database

SBSM to reassess authenticity of online mapping services

Indian state approves geospatial Bill

Canada funds for geomatics industry


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