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Being under watch
Martin Grzebellus
All cars in the Netherlands will be equipped with an OBU logging all movements. At the end of the month the registered keeper of the car will be invoiced for the usage of the infrastructure. That’s the plan of the government and the implementation beginning in 2012 should be finalized in 2017. Does this open the door for a continuous monitoring of citizens? 

Maps: Changing approach
William Cartwright
Web 2.0 allows small amateur mapmaker to produce maps that can almost immediately be published to support their cause. The use of such technologies and their ability to communicate globally is clear

On the estimable parameters for selenodesy with space VLBI
Wei YAN, Erhu WEI and Jingnan LIU
In this paper, based on the SVLBI observations, the basic observation mathematical model for geodesy and selenodesy is introduced

Google exists or exits
Shubhra Kingdang and Bal Krishna
After an alleged hacking incident on Google in China in December 2009, the sixth of Google’s ten principles – ‘you can make money without doing evil’, has been brought into sharp focus

  Industry news   Galileo update   Other News

V100 GPS Compass boon for Parking Enforcement

Pacific Crest new UHF Receiver

GeoEye selects Lockheed Martin

Photo geotagging by u-blox

Ashtech MobileMapper® software

Leica News

Topcon high-precision ‘MS’ measuring stations

Zachry standardizes on Bentley’s ConstructSim

Trimble News

OmniSTAR Glonass improves convergence by 30%

Vexcel and PCI partnership

GMV Technology for Malaysia’s Urban Transportation System

Raytheon to enhance Air Traffic Management Systems in India
Astrium awarded €1 million study
Astrium GmbH Services has won a €1 million contract with the European GNSS Supervisory Authority to undertake a key study, which will define the measures needed to defend Europe’s satellite navigation systems and services against radio interference[more]

Application Village brings Galileo closer to the public
The Galileo Application Village was a success with the public during Galileo Application Days in Brussels[more]

The European Satellite Navigation Competition
On 1st May 2010, the idea database for application innovations in satellite navigation will open for the 7th time.[more]

European authorities urged to boost GNSS Research
Key European Industry and University representatives rallied in Brussels to stress their deep concerns for the future of GNSS Research in Europe.[more]

Wayfinder closed by Vodafone

Rosum Corp and Siano take GPS indoors using TV signals

GLONASS-M satellite launched

IRNSS budget increased

India and Russia JV to produce GPS Receivers

Sat-nav systems under growing threat from ‘jammers’

Road Pilot includes 30,000 Indian tourist locations

Nano satellite Jugnu ready to be handed over to ISRO

China launches naval surveillance satellite

Shoreline Mapping Solution by Applanix LANDMark

MAPPS seeks Legislation in US Congress

Boost to Indian Maritime saftey

New GPS receiver from Magellan


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