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Practical multivariate statistical multipath detection methods
Lawrence Lau
This paper investigates the application of a sophisticated multiple outlier detection technique, which the author refers to as the cocktail multiple outlier detection algorithm, to multipath contaminated measurements in the three-frequency GPS and Galileo systems and a combined multiple-frequency GPS and Galileo system. The results are not affected by the movement of the roving receiver because single-epoch data processing is used.

GPS equipment accuracy testing
N K Agrawal
It is essential that all GPS equipment be tested not only initially but periodically depending upon volume of usage of particular GPS equipment in case of surveys of first and second order accuracy.

Sustainable land governance
Stig Enemark
Land administration systems, in principle, reflect the social relationship between people and land recognized by any particular jurisdiction or state. Such a system is not just a GIS.The activities are basically political and reflect the accepted social concepts concerning people, rights, and land objects with regard to land tenure, land markets, land taxation, land-use control, land development, and environmental management 


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