Sept 2009

Surveying: In identity crisis  John Hannah | Bhuvan- It’s different Shubhra Kingdang   | Earth’s shape and size Muneendra Kumar | GPS and INS for centimeter precision during large GPS outages  Ahmad Taha, Craig Hancock, Gethin Roberts and Xiaolin Meng| High-definition surveying  F Khan | Deformation prediction of a high-piled wharf  Xiaodong Yi, Erhu Wei and Chengke Jiang |His Coordinates Dr V Jayaraman

Surveying: In identity crisis
John Hannah
It is disturbing to know that some members of our profession fail to deliver a truly professional service because they are no longer capable of using appropriate (often new) technology to solve a problem  

High-definition surveying
F Khan
The technology of HDS available for a majority of the past 10 years is now increasingly adopted and applied on a multitude of applications in Asia

GPS and INS for centimeter precision during large GPS outages
Ahmad Taha, Craig Hancock, Gethin Roberts and Xiaolin Meng
A Multiple Steps Integration Technique (MSIT) has been developed as a loosely coupled integration of GPS and INS. As the GPS outages increase the integrated position accuracy based on OST will reduce. To over-come the limitation of OST, the MSIT offers higher positional accuracy especially over the very large GPS outage areas

“Bhuvan is a visualisation tool for showcasing India’s imaging capabilities and societal applications using remote sensing”
says Dr V Jayaraman, Director, National Remote Sensing Centre, Indian Space Research Organisation, in an exclusive interview with Coordinates magazine   [more]

Industry news
Galileo update
Other news

From the desk of JAVAD

Geospatial Organizations endorse IFTN

Topcon for Japanese GEONET

GSS6300 from Spirent

GIS-based office and handheld asset

Magellan announces advancements in Triton

Scanpoint Geomatics launches IGIS

Archer Longbow GPS handheld

Leica CloudWorx for SmartPlant 3D

Sokkia introduces new products


Galileo frequency regulatory support
The European Commission's Directorate-General for Energy and Transport (TREN DG) has launched a call for tenders related to GALILEO frequency regulatory [more]

China suggests solution to Compass-Galileo problem
China presented one possible solution to the impasse on frequency overlay between Compass system and Galileo program .[more]

US report challenges Galileo to fulfil Level-Field commitments
A July 15 report to Congress by the U.S. Trade Represen-tative expresses strong concern regarding the status of U.S. equipment industry access to the European GNSS program. [more]


Gender differences in navigation market

First DubaiSat-1imagery

GPS to tackle Maoist terror

Smartphone navigation demand rising in Russia

ISRO to develop Indian satellite security cover

Beijing plans Earth Resource III

India approves GSAT -10 Satellite

ERDAS radar mapping

China to regulate GI industry

New Geocentric datum in Brunei

Navcom SF-3050 receiver

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