Oct 2009

Is it curtains for Loran? Sally Basker | Geocodes – the key to E-Government readiness Peter Holland, Abbas Rajabifard and Ian Williamson   | 30 years of ACRS Shunji Murai | Accuracy evaluation of DGPS  Vivek Bansal, Brig (Rtd) M.C. Dhamija and Prashant Joshi| The application of RTK system in railway construction  Haitao Xu| Interview  Malcolm Walter and Christopher Liew | What is wrong with quoting Columbus? Peter H Dana | Conference ESRI UC 2009 ,Summer School

Is it curtains for Loran?
Sally Basker
If the US decides to close Loran, will the rest of the World keep going with Loran?This question has never, to my knowledge, been put formally to the 14 other nations that provide Loran services. However, I suspect that the majority including France, Japan, Norway, the PR of China, the Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and the UK may see real benefit in system diversity and decide to keep Loran and transition to eLoran 

Geocodes – the key to E-Government readiness
Peter Holland, Abbas Rajabifard and Ian Williamson
The United Nations monitors E-government through regular global E-Government Surveys. The most recent Survey in 2008 shows a wide range of E-Government Readiness in Asia and Pacific region

Accuracy evaluation of DGPS
Vivek Bansal, Brig (Rtd) M.C. Dhamija and Prashant Joshi
The private survey set ups, most of whom are first time users of DGPS use DGPS to cut down on the time and efforts involved in surveying with electronic total station along with spirit levels.While most surveyors are aware of trilateration methods even so except for the National Survey Organisations other surveyors do not resort to trilateraties as routine
Application of RTK system in railway construction
Haitao Xu
The article introduces the field work flow for railway design and construction, using detailed application of RTK GPS system and railway design software

Industry news
Galileo update
Other news

Leica ScanStation C10, builder total stations

MS Virtual Earth Server 2.0

Sokkia DT20 series Digital Theodolites

Applanix RapidOrtho 2.0

Hemisphere GPS XF102™ receiver, A220™ and A221™ antennas

Novatel FlexPak™ GNSS enclosure and low cost receiver

Pacific Crest ADL for field communications

Trimble VRS expansion, introduces Trimble Access

Intergraph roadway solution

Magellan Roadmate 1700


EU’s satellite system to fine-tune GPS
The European Union launched a free satellite navigation network that could help pilots, drivers and blind people by fine-tuning the accuracy of the US GPS to around 2 meters [more]

EGNOS open service operational capability
The European Commission expects to declare operational use of the Open Service of the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS) in Oct, starting its exploitation phase.[more]

GIOVE-A satellite orbit raised
GIOVE-A, the first Galileo test satellite in orbit, has been moved to a higher orbit to ensure that it does not cross the operational Galileo constellation’s orbits for more than 100 years. [more]


NAVTEQ’s production centre in Mumbai

Twitter to get geolocation

Reliance ‘BIGMaps’ service

PCTEL GPS antennas in GAGAN

GPS IIR -21 (M) satellite operational

ISRO updates

UltraCamXp wide angle

Digital mapping of Chinese cities by 2015

Xinjiang bans classified topography map trading

Australia creates research centre

JAXA and DLR co-operation

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