May 2009

Adding GRACE to GNSS  |  National Land Records Modernisation Programme: Mission Possible  | Flight evaluation of a GPS attitude determination algorithm Nelson Paiva Oliveira Leite and Fernando Walter  | A sensor architecture for high precision UAS navigation Luca Garbarino, Vittorio Di Vito, Ettore De Lellis, Carmine Marrone and Federico Corraro | Interview Steve Berglund


Adding GRACE to GNSS
The GNSS Research and Application Centre of Excellence (GRACE), is a cross disciplinary centre providing cutting edge research, high calibre teaching and business support services to the GNSS community. It will be the only facility in UK dedicated to the development of downstream applications and services using GNSS. The European Union has estimated the market for downstream applications and services to be worth in excess of £230 billion by 2025. Supporting the University of Nottingham in this venture, which will have an investment of £9.2m is the East Midlands Development Agency

A sensor architecture for high precision UAS navigation
Luca Garbarino, Vittorio Di Vito, Ettore De Lellis, Carmine Marrone and Federico Corraro
This paper presents the CIRA’s flying test facility for autonomous mid-air flight and landing on runways instrumented by DGPS base station.Readers may recall that in April 09, we published the first part of this paper which focused on system architecture and navigation algorithm. Concluding part of this paper presented here details the algorithm validation and results

National Land Records Modernisation Programme: Mission Possible
The Government of India has recently come out with Draft Guidelines implementation of National Land Records Modernisation Programme (NLRMP). The main objective of the NLRMP is to develop a modern, comprehensive and transparent land records management system in the country with the aim to implement the conclusive land titling system with title guarantee [more]

Industry news
Galileo update
Other news

EVC is authorized reseller of DigitalGlobe products

Elyx Mobile by STAR-APIC

A21 GPS Antenna by Hemisphere GPS

Magellan ships new PNDs

Leica TM30 high precision sensor

New products by ERDAS

Sokkia RTK GSR1700 CSX L1 GNSS receiver

Reference Station network equipment for Shandong, China by Topcon

ArcPad ext for GNSS receivers by OnPOZ

RapidEye partners with Sovzond, sign-up with MDA

Free GNSS applications booklet from Spirent


Norway joins Galileo project
The Norwegian government will give a boost by providing 68.9 million euros towards the 3.4 billion euro project.  [more]

Ukraine hopes to join Galileo project
According to the national Ukrainian broadcast organization, the president of the Ukrainian National Space Agency, Olexandr Sintchenko, aired interest in a closer collaboration with ESA. [more]

EU plans to track cars raises hackles
The EU is planning to install sinister spy devices in all new cars that will constantly transmit the location, speed and heading of the car to a central database. ABD spokesman Nigel Humphires said’ “ This nightmarish level of intrusion into people’s private lives was something even George Orwell did not imagine.” [more] 


Detailed maps in 6 hours

Fully automated crime analysis and visualisation

Geolocation to the web

Locr introduces location enabled travel photo book

GPS transmits on new frequency

Septentrio offers dual-constellation live L5 tracking

RISAT- ISRO’s SAR satellite launched

New web service to resolve land disputes

Canadian air force to map Afghanistan

EGNOS handed to the EC

Spatial Data Infrastructure convergence: Building SDI bridges to address global challenges - GSDI 11

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