June 2009

Intelligent transport system  Renato Filjar, Mico Dujak, Boris Drilo, Dinko Šaric |  Flight test evaluation of a GPS/INS based integrity monitoring Toshiaki Tsujii, Hiroshi Tomita, Takeshi Fujiwara, and Masatoshi Harigae  | SDI: Purpose and direction Jesús Olvera Ramirez | Is spatial special? Ian Williamson | Interview Steven Koles | Bas Kok | Conference 3rd Land Administration Forum


Intelligent transport system
Renato Filjar, Mićo Dujak, Boris Drilo, Dinko Šarić
Recent advancements provide means for exploitation of mobile user location-related data for location-based and ITS. The telecom location-related data exploitation, generated and collected by the pure nature of mobile communication networks, will act as a key factor in establishing the New- Generation Intelligent Transport Systems. 

Flight test evaluation of a GPS/INS based integrity monitoring
Toshiaki Tsujii, Hiroshi Tomita, Takeshi Fujiwara and Masatoshi Harigae
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) developed a FDE software for integrity monitoring based on a filter bank method, and evaluated its performance by using flight test data. Since a Japanese satellite based augmentation system, MSAS, has been operational since September 2007, the MSAS differential correction data were also used in order to evaluate the effect of reducing protection level.

SDI: Purpose and direction
Jesús Olvera Ramirez
Complex problems do not require complex solutions but solutions with knowledge. Knowledge derived from multiple, accurate and compatible sources.The term Spatial Data Infrastructure implies that “Data” is being dealt with, although experts and non experts sometimes expect that SDI solve complex spatial problems.

Is spatial special
Ian Williamson
Today almost every piece of data has a location, with the ability to assign a location to all natural and human activity having transformed the way modern societies manage both the natural and built environments.

Industry news
Galileo update
Other news

Free GNSS applications booklet from Spirent

HP announces expansion of Designjet

JAVAD GNSS track GPS L5 signal

Rockwell Collins delivers 300,000th DAGR

ISRO implements ESRI software

Trimble China joint venture for Compass

Leica Geosystems new releases

PBBI teams with Land Point Systems Inc.

Contex partners with resellers

Hemisphere GPS new Outback S-Lite

Outdoor maps for US on SD Card


GIOVE-B marks its first year in orbit
The GIOVE-B navigation sate-llite has successfully completed its first year in orbit. [more]

OREGIN, Galileo Services join forces
Galileo Services and OREGIN- the two most active organizations representing companies in the GNSS industry, particularly Europe’s Galileo program have decided to join forces.[more]

Galileo Masters launched
The 2009 European Satellite navigation Competition has been launched in the UK. Also known as The Galileo Masters competition, this is the chance to kick start innovative business solutions using satellite navigation. [more]

US trade rep seek public comment on access to Galileo markets
The US Trade Representative is soliciting public comment on American industry’s access to the Galileo program and related market. [


Loran is best. Keep it!

IRNSS within 3 years

Japan’s QZSS in 2010

GPS at risk: Doomsday 2010

Yaogan 6 launched

Ohio’s researchers tracks H1N1 virus

IIT Mumbai’s low-cost GIS software

NAVTEQ, Lonely Planet global content agreement

ERDAS and Spot Image in a new partnership

NAVITIME launches satnav in APAC

Tata Indicom selects TCS

Marine enhances its Nav-Tracker 2.0

GeoEye first quarter 2009 revenue up by 26%

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