July 2009

Different Strokes  Akio Yasuda, Al Stevens, Chris Goodall, Naser El-Sheimy, Orhan Altan, Frank Derby, George Cho, Brent A Jones, Dietrich Schröder, P Misra |  Malaysia precise positioning  Norsuzila Ya’acob, Mardina Abdullah and Mahamod Ismail   | SPATIAL needs political champions Gary Nairn | Adding dimension to domain | Conference GSDI 11 World Conference


Different Strokes
Akio Yasuda, Al Stevens, Chris Goodall, Naser El-Sheimy, Orhan Altan, Frank Derby, George Cho, Brent A Jones, Dietrich Schröder, P Misra
Experts speak and presents perspectives on issues and priorities surrounding varous topics like GNSS, Navigation, Surveying, Location, Remote Sensing, Spatial Data Infrastructure, Geomatics Education, a proposed agenda for Geomatics in India  

Malaysia precise positioning
Norsuzila Ya’acob, Mardina Abdullah and Mahamod Ismail
An ionospheric delay model was developed using Modified Jones 3-D ray tracing program to accurately determine the difference in ionospheric delay expected over a short baseline so that a more accurate differential GPS (dGPS) correction could be made.

SPATIAL needs political champions
Gary Nairn
In my view, infrastructure doesn’t have to be “hard”. The reality is that “soft” infrastructure such as a NSDI will in fact facilitate the efficient development of the “hard” infrastructures. It is political “champions” who can overcome such irrational decisions. Unfortunately such “champions” have been in short numbers globally and it is incumbent on those in the profession and industry to find and “educate” some “champions”. But that “education” will only be effective if it is done in “political terms”.

Adding dimensions to the domain
A glimpse of the journey of Coordinates on the occasion of its 50th issue.

Industry news
Galileo update
Other news

DeLorme GPS capabilities for ESRI users

NovAtel wins US FAA contract

Bentley extends efficiencies

Assistance with SPOT satellite GPS messenger

CHC wins contract for GPS receivers

Autodesk India infrastruc-ucture modeling software

SmartNet Europe by Leica

DAT/EM system single Panel 3D Stereo Viewing

GeoEye’s new distribution model

PB adds support to MapInfo professional

Blue Marble Desktop release

Bricscad distribution into North America and India


Galileo IOV launch services contract signed
ESA and Arianespace signed a contract for the launch of the first four operational Galileo sate-llites on two Soyuz launch vehicles from Europe’s Space-port in French Guiana [more]

ESA and OHB/SSTL sign contract
The European space agency ESA and the bidder consortium led by OHB-System AG and Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. (SSTL) have signed a contract for sourcing long-lead items for satellites for the future European Galileo navigation system .[more]

EC seeking support for Galileo standardisation
The EC’s DG for Energy and Transport has launched a call for tenders for supporting EGNOS and Galileo standardisation. The aim is to carry on the standardisation process for EGNOS and Galileo in key application areas. [more]


SuperGeo Mobile navigation development

Asia’s largest slum for redevelopment using GIS

New system to speed land selection in Korea

China navigation map market report

U.S. Customs OKs redesigned’ GPS

Micorsoft unveils Bing travel

Operational Glonass satellite go up

Coast Guard to maintain and upgrade Loran

Error in GPS coordinates- wrong house demolished

Antrix business expansion

Satellite imagery for disasters

Catosat-2 data capture in Russia

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