February 2009

The dangers of GPS/GNSS  Börje Forssell |  Challenges before National Mapping Organisations  Vanessa Lawrence CB, P Nag, Lam Joon Khoi Quality evaluation of NRTK correction transmission Lei Yang, Chris Hill, Xiaolin Meng and Jose Aponte  | Accuracy performance of hand-held GPS Abdullah S Alsalman and Abdullah E Ali  | Geomatics in Pakistan A W Mir


The dangers of GPS/GNSS
Börje Forssell
The problem is that nothing works 100 %. GPS is very close, but for some users under some circumstances, "very close" is not good enough. A question which is often asked is whether upcoming systems (Galileo, INRSS, etc.) will solve the problem. The answer is that they will reduce the problem but not solve it completely.

Challenges before National Mapping Organisations
Vanessa Lawrence CB
"Whilst the technological developments have led to an explosion in the availability of data, they have made the information management task more complexed"

P Nag
"The issue is whether NMOs can cope up with the everincreasing expectations of the Government and the people at large?"

Lam Joon Khoi
"We must persevere to create a mindset of sharing and responsible usage of geographic information"

Quality evaluation of NRTK correction transmission
Lei Yang, Chris Hill, Xiaolin Meng and Jose Aponte
NRTK technology can remove spatially correlated errors and effectively mitigate distance-dependent errors in the GNSS measurements, and achieve a centimetre-level positioning solution. In such a high accuracy real time system, reliable and high-speed server-rover communication (i.e. correction message transmission) plays an important role in the final performance

Geomatics in Pakistan
A W Mir
GIS culture is spreading. Everyone talks about it and wants to acquire it but majority are unaware that for quality GIS basic requirement is quality geomatics data

Industry news
Galileo update
Other news

EPOCH 35 RTK by Spectra Precision

AAMHatch deploys satellite tracker

MiTAC acquires Magellan Consumer Products Div.

Nomad 800X and Trimble Access by Trimble

Nav6teq expands ties with with Microsoft

Spatial Networks acquires TrekServ

Hemisphere GPS awarded new patents

Ground processing work -flow by Leica XPro v4.0

Michael Ritter is new President and CEO of NovAtel Inc.

Blaupunkt sold to Aurelius


IFEN to upgrade Galileo open air test bed signals

The German Aerospace Center has contracted with IFEN GmbH for the signal upgrade of the Galileo Test and Development Environment (GATE) [more]

LMU Computer Scientists involved in Galileo research: Project launched for indoor navigation

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research recently approved the two-year project "Indoor", which will run until the end of 2010[more]

Positive signals for Galileo

The in-orbit validation programme for Galileo, Europe's global satellite navigation system, is celebrating three years [more] 


Russia will carry out 39 launches in 2009

ICG Working Group to discuss compatibility, interoperability

China to have global satellite navigation system by 2015

Telesoft launches LBS in India

Japanese group asks Google to stop map service

Pirates seen from Space

South African space agency to be established this year

OGC server for climate change studies

BERTL's 2008 Best Award for Contex

ArcGIS API for Silverlight

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