September 2008

The drivers for a successful take off of LBS Remi Challamel |   INS/TACAN/ALT – an alternative solution for positioning  Piotr Kaniewski   |  Watch your steps  Alison Brown and Peter K Brown  |  Oil spills pollution    Salem Issa    |  Interviews    Rene Parise      |   Innovation Muneendra Kumar    |  Conference PCGIAP, ESRI, Bentley 


The drivers for a successful take off of LBS
Remi Challamel
The LBS market, after a difficult period of 2000 – 2005 is all set to take off and all indicators are “GREEN” for further growth. The killer technology that really drove growth of this 1st LBS generation, after 2005, was the development and availability of assisted-GPS technology. [more]

INS/TACAN/ALT – an alternative solution for positioning
Piotr Kaniewski

Although integration of INS and GNSS is very common, it is not the only possible option. Similar advantages can be gained in systems composed of INS and other than GNSS receiver radiotechnical devices. This paper INS/TACAN/ALT positioning system, composed of INS, Tactical Air Navigation System and altimeter is an example of such an alternative solution. [more]

Watch your steps
Alison Brown and Peter K Brown
A variety of commercial and military applications exist for the TIDGET/ZigBee, GNSS wristwatch. It was designed specifically to provide an ultra low-power, miniaturized wireless GPS tracking device. [more]

We need more than one “GIS”
Muneendra Kumar
For reasons unknown, the “GIS/Geographic” has quietly crossed its “rightful” domain. It is now more than
“geographic”. However, if we review closely, the “GEO” in geography seems to “engulf” all other “GEO” information systems.  [more]


GISpro 2008 - 14th international conference and exhibition on GIS, GPS, RS

Under the direction of Ministry of Science and Technology; Ministry of Resources and Environment; Ministry of Education and Training; and Vietnam National University – HCMC, the GISpro 2008 - 14th international conference and exhibition on GIS, GPS Remote Sensing is scheduled to be held on October 21-23 in Ho Chi Minh City and Vung Tau City, Vietnam. Participate and harness the potential of geomatics in Vietnam!! [more]

Industry news
Galileo update
Other news

Honeywell selects Spirent GPS simulator

Autodesk coordinate system software with OGC

Trimble debuts scalable GPS surveyor device

TopNET+ 7.12 by Topcon

u-blox to power Microsoft MapPoint 2009 USB

Hemisphere and CPAC Systems agreement

Leica Cyclone 6.0, TruView 2.0 and CloudWorx 4.0

Pitney Bowes Software to ramp-up India R&D centre

AAMHatch launches Pictometry in Asia

SIRF loses court case

NovAtel invests in Network Timing Startup

Indian Ministry of Rural Dev to implement NLRMP


Industry officials predict current procurement plan will delay

The heads of Europe's two biggest satellite prime contractors urged the European Commission to accelerate its procurement of the Galileo satellite navigation system or face what might become politically unacceptable delays in getting the service started.

Attending an information conference of European Union space ministers here July 20-22, the chief executives of Astrium Satellites and Thales Alenia Space said the current Galileo procurement process, which began July 1 and is scheduled to continue through May 2009, is unnecessarily slow.
“The procurement has been substantially delayed and this schedule introduces more delays,” [More]



US PND market doubles in Q2

MapmyIndia Navigator launched in Kerala

Palm Treo Pro to battle iPhone and Blackberry

Nokia 6210 navigator

SatNav and RT Outsourcing tie-up

TomTom in full gear with Europe connected services

Intermap introduces new Malaysia Mapping program

GLONASS-K production

Aerophotogrammetrical surveys by CIST, China

NRSA is ISRO Centre now

EMRI joins with GEOMED

GPS smartphone in Germany illegal

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