October 2008

Surveying has a future?  P Misra John Hannah, Simon Kwok, Walliam Patrick (Paddy) Prendergast  |  GNSS on track  Paolo D’Angelo   |   Understanding land administration system  Ian Williamson, Stig Enemark, Jude Wallace, Abbas Rajabifard


Surveying has a future?
P Misra, John Hannah, Simon Kwok, Walliam Patrick (Paddy) Prendergast

While there are many opportinties for professionals working in the field of computer science and engineering,etc. many consider surveying has low profile and ‘less rewarding’. Some feel that the total number of qualified and licensed surveyors are diminishing. Does surveying profession has a future? Experts speak.  [more]

GNSS on track
Paolo D’Angelo
The GRAIL Environment and Sensor Simulator is real time software prototyped for analyzing the GNSS introduction in rail sector. It is a key element for studying the overall sensors system before the ontrain test campaign and also defines a generic platform that could be used for the analysis of any other application of a GNSS system[more]

Understanding land administration systems
Ian Williamson, Stig Enemark, Jude Wallace, Abbas Rajabifard
This paper introduces basic land administration theory and highlights four key concepts - firstly the land management paradigm and its influence on the land administration framework, secondly the role that the cadastre plays in contributing to sustainable development, thirdly the changing nature of ownership and the role of land markets, and lastly a land management vision that promotes land administration in support of sustainable development and spatial enablement of society  [more]

Make maps quickly
P Misra
Innovative use of controlled photogrammetric models allows for faster map making  [more]

Navigation India 2008

A prestigious conference for the Indian navigation industry, 20-21 November, New Delhi. Navigation hardware, software and content providers come together to discover brand new approaches to combat key issues with distribution, map data, routing and consumer awareness. [more]

Industry news
Galileo update
Other news

GSS8000 Series GNSS Constellation Simulator

NovAtel news

Trimble to acquire RolleiMetric, introduces Multi-GNSS CORS Receiver

Geospatial Sytems and Leica Geo team up for Airborne Mapping

R220 GPS receiver by Hemisphere GPS

GPS+GLONASS+SBAS OEM board by Magellan

Building performance group by Bnetley

Latest IT rack by DIMAC

ERDAS Apollo 2009

44” printer for the CAD and GIS market by Canon

Azteca and Rolta tie-up


ESA shortens list of bidders for Galileo

The ESA has listed 11 industrial groups invited to compete for contracts to get Europe’s satellite navigation system [more]

Inauguration of the Galileo Control Centre at DLR

On 8 September, the new building complex for Galileo Control Centre at the German Aerospace Centre was formally handed over. [more]

SSTL completes Galileo testing

Surrey Satellite Technologies Ltd has completed in-orbit testing that analyzed signals from the be GIOVE-B satellite for the ESA, determining that the second Galileo satellite is operating well [more]



By 2012, US business to spend $11b on mobile applications

MapmyIndia and Ford India partnership

GNSS market to grow to $6 b to $8 b by 2012

Govt. of India approves GAGAN project

$2.6b by Putin on Glonass development

EKA GPS camera launched in India

GeoEye-1 in orbit

Brunei street directory

SLA invites tenders for intelligent Map Systems

Online Historic aerial images of Britain

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