June 2008

Solving the GPS gap Antonio Angrisano, Armando Pacifico, Mario Vultaggio |  Government policy, applied
research, commercialization...
  Dr. Robert A. Ryerson, Chanchai Peanvijarnpong   |  VLBI geodetic precision with different models  Erhu WEI, Jingnan LIU, Peijing PAN   |  Going deeper underground    Marc Hobell, Jim Stancliffe    |  Interviews    Marc Hobell, Jim Stancliffe    |  Conference    Best practices for
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New GNSS will cause a synergetic effect and not chaos
Sergey Revnivykh
We do not see any conflict among GLONASS, GPS and Galileo, COMPASS.
All compatibility issues shall be resolved within ITU coordination procedure.
On the contrary, as I have already emphasized, we see that in future these
GNSS will complement each other for the benefit of users  [more]

Solving the GPS gap
Antonio Angrisano, Armando Pacifico, Mario Vultaggio
The current GPS civil service provides suitable performance only in situations of good electromagnetic visibility; the positioning becomes difficult in severely signal degraded environments, e.g. mountainous or urban areas. The GPS gaps can be partially solved employing spacebased augmentations [more]

Government policy, applied research, commercialization...
Dr. Robert A. Ryerson, Chanchai Peanvijarnpong
Comparative analysis of Thailand’s successful national program in remote sensing [more]

VLBI geodetic precision with different models
Erhu WEI, Jingnan LIU, Peijing PAN
The article introduces several common ocean tide models and computes the global VLBI data during 2001-2007 using the OCCAM 5.0 software platform. It compares and analyzes the precision of geodetic parameter’s result using these models, and gives us the best ocean tide and nutation model combination. [more]

The European mobile phone market is on the verge of embracing LBS, but is going to face some stiff competition … According to SBSM, the Chinese government is to crack down on illegal online map due to security reasons… “Mobile navigation is well on its way to being a truly global market, but not all players are aware of the extent of the opportunity” Chris Jones, Canalys

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Galileo update
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Windows Mobile application GSR NetLink by Sokkia

ASUS PDA phones enabled with SatGuide One India map

GNSS mapping and GIS Solution by Trimble

Leica Geosystems’ offerings

Geokosmos India operations

ESRI joins NAVTEQ developers platform

Magellan brings wide screens traffic to RoadMate

Contex’s new large format imaging solutions

GeoEye and Mitsubishi agreement

Pitney Bowes and Microsoft SQL alliance

Garmin claims no. 1 position

Intergraph evolves its solutions

ESA confirms SSTL’s GIOVE-A full mission success

GIOVE-A, the first satellite in the Galileo celebrates 27 months in orbit marking the completion of its nominal mission life. The ESA has confirmed that the pioneering Medium Earth Orbit Satellite is a “full mission success” and has contracted SSTL to continue operations for an additional year as the satellite continues to perform and provide Galileo services [More]

GIOVE- B ready for launch

GIOVE-B  will soon leave the ESA’s European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in Noordwijk, the Netherlands where it is undergoing final preparations [More]

Taiwan GPS makers to tap European market

Islamabad rejects US offer for conducting geological survey

Satellite imagery to track naxals in India

Global AD campaign by Nokia for GPS enabled N82 handset

Nokia-Navteq investigations by EU

GPS based Service Fleet Manager by Qualcomm

39 m Global mobile navigation device shipped in 2007

LBS to reshape mobile VAS market

GPS chip at $3.5 by 2008 end

Middle East collaborates
on Seismic Mapping

Navigation & Location Europe 2008

Market Predictions

Centre for Geoinformation Technologies, 2008