July 2008

Synochronet ? an innovative system Franco Gottifredi, Monica Gotta, Enrico Varriale, Daniele Cretoni |  Can high resolution imagery replace aerial photography?   Shunji Murai   |  Role of photogrammetry and remote sensing in Sichuan earthquake  Deren Li   |  3D mapping from space    Prof Dr Armin Gruen, Dr Kirsten Wolff |  Interviews    K R Sridhara Murthi    |  My experience with GPS licensing Manvendra


Synchronet ? An innovative system
Franco Gottifredi, Monica Gotta, Enrico Varriale, Daniele Cretoni
A GNSS based time and frequency transfer system that allows to exploit high accuracy synchronization of accurate clocks It aims to be the sole solution for every application type which needs an accurate synchronization covering all levels of performance and coverage requirements with the added value [more]

3D mapping from space?
Prof Dr Armin Gruen, Dr Kirsten Wolff
Neither the goals nor the procedures of 3D mapping are clearly defined yet. We are currently far away from any reliable procedure of automated landscape model or map generation. This remains a key topic [more]

Role of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing in Wenchuan Earthquake
Daren Li

It has been demonstrated that photogrammetry and remote sensing has played crucial role in the aftermath of the earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan.It is important to develop a national disaster rapid response system that corroborates the work by different agencies [more]

Can High Resolution Satellite Imagery (HRSI) replace Aerial Photography?
Shunji Murai
The answer is yes and no at this moment [more]

Was early warning of Sumatra earthquake possible?   Shunji Murai, Harumi Araki

The authors have discovered serious signals within ten days before the earthquake with respect to the daily change ratio of triangle areas near the origin of earthquake [more]

Industry news
Galileo update
Other news

Boeing considering submitting bid for EU?s Galileo project

Boeing Co is considering submitting a bid in the forthcoming tender for EU?s Galileo satellite navigation project, Handelsblatt said, citing a Boeing spokeswoman [More]

Third meeting of the Steering Board of Russia-EU

Dialogue on space activities established in accordance with the ?Road C reading was signed on May 10, 2005 in Moscow, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of Luxembourg Jean-K.Yunkerom, Chairperson of the Commission of European Communities Zh.M.Durau- Barroso [More]


OS for PND by Microsoft 

Nokia N78 with GPS

GPS failing? Aurora Borealis to be blamed

NAVTEQ covers Indonesia

China Earthquake Geospatial Portal

ISRO to launch satellite to study climate change

Credent aids in Myanmar's cyclone relief work

Coalition of Geospatial Organizations in USA

Lockheed,Oz to modernize train management

iPhone rival by Samsung

Space weather zaps GPS units, cell towers

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