December 2008

LCNSS is better than GNSS   María D Laínez and Miguel M Romay |  Engaging young minds in designing future cities  Shubhra Kingdang Couldn’t we predict the Wenchuan Earthquake with GPS Shunji Murai and Harumi Araki | Meeting the demand of real-time positioning Lars Jämtnäs and Bo Jonsson | Interview Dr R Siva Kumar | Conference INCA , INTERGEO 2008


LCNSS is better than GNSS
María D Laínez and Miguel M Romay

LCNSS - Low cost Navigation Satellite Systems, are designed to optimize performances over the area of interest while trying to minimize the overall costs. Acceptable performances can be obtained with a few satellites (5 to 10) and a reduced ground segment, as there is no need to deploy Ground Stations worldwide but only over the coverage and neighbour areas [more]

Couldn’t we predict the Wenchuan Earthquake with GPS
Shunji Murai and Harumi Araki

The prediction of earthquake has been one of the most difficult sciences which are not yet solved. The authors have traced many past earthquakes happened in Japan with use of GPS data since 2000[more]

SWEPOS: Meeting the demand of real-time positioning
Lars Jämtnäs and
Bo Jonsson
SWEPOS has been developed to meet the demands on real-time positioning with centimetre accuracy. All 161 SWEPOS stations are equipped with dual-frequency GPS/GLONASS receivers and choke-ring antennas. Data is collected every second, using a 5 degree elevation mask[more]

Engaging young minds in designing future cities
Shubhra Kingdang

Future cities India 2020 Competition is, first a learning exercise and then a competition. It focuses on the use of science and technology development process to solve real world challenges, incorporating real world data and using professional software[more]

Geodetic Misunderstanding
Muneendra Kumar
Some of the Geodetic misunderstandings still prevailing around the world [more]

Industry news
Galileo update
Other news

U-blox GPS in Longcheer handsets

Leica acquires Rinex technology

Spirent communications supports QZSS

DAT/EM SystemsTouch-- Pad & TouchScreen

Sokkia GSR2700 ISX Firmware V3.500/2.120

Incheon, Korea - Autodesk Digital City

NovAtel GPS, GLONASS antenna for agricultural market

Trimble Juno series of GPS handhelds

CARIS Survey Processing Software

Infoterra new land cover mapping product


EU developing ‘militarised’ space policy which could trigger ‘arms race

The European Space Agency  is accused of developing technology to dominate the “high ground” of space, including a multi-million pound EU Satellite Centre in Spain [more]

Space ministers give green signals to new programmes

Europe’s space ministers met at the Council Meeting at Ministerial Level of the European Space Agency, at Hague [more]

Growing Galileo event: Preparing for FP7’s second call

With the European Commissions’ 7th Research Framework Programme’s second call for proposals about to be launched, the GSA is hosting Growing Galileo 2009 [more


Ultra Low Power AGPS by SkyTraq

GIS software for India

Maritime GPS in Malaysia

PIL against Google Earth in India

DigitalGlobe and NAVTEQ join forces

Outdoor GPS market to hit $ 1.7 b by 2013

Russia to put 3 Glonass satellites into orbit

June ’09 launch for South Korean Satellite

GeoEye’s coming soon

Survey of India approves Tele Atlas maps

eSpatial & RSI Softech, India enters into reseller agreement 

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