December 2007

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A Jack and Jill story
They went up a hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down and broke his bone and Jill came tumbling after? And now they need medical attention and must locate a medical center soon. How do they get there? [more]
According to a report by ABI Research, there will be over 240 million GPS-enabled mobile phones in 2008. But will these millions of GPS enabled handhelds be used for navigation alone? ? [more]

Dispersion of waves and group velocity
The pseudo range measured by using the code signal is estimated to be longer. When we start a study on GNSS, we encounter this phenomenon and here is an easy explanation beginning from an example .? [more]

3D noise models
To assess the impact of noise, noise levels need to be predicted by models and represented on noise maps. GIS functionalities are commonly used to map and assess the impact of noise ? [more]

Hexagon acquires all outstanding  shares of the Indian company Elcome Technologies Pvt. Ltd XF100 series DGPS receivers with Crescent® GPS technology for handheld computers provides an integrated solution China?s space warfare program includes plans to destroy or incapacitate ?every enemy space vehicle? that passes over China

Industry news
Galileo update
Other news

TomTom-Tele Atlas merger under scrutiny

Magellan Maestro PND, Triton handheld win Award

50-channel LEA-5 GPS module series by u-blox

New Leica FCMS 2.2 Flight & Sensor CMS released

Sokkia SET X Total Station

AAMHatch acquires African aerial mapping company

DAT/EM delivers 1000th Summit Evolution System

Chronos and Septentrio partnership

Trimble acquires Utility Center assets from UAI

Hoya to absorb Pentax

NRDMS resourcemap website
Partial funding through EU farming subsidies

The EU has reached a funding compromise and resolved the crisis around its Galileo satellite navigation system. Two thirds of the missing 2.4 billion euros will be provided from EU farming pots alone [More]

EU Commission modifies Galileo tender rules

The EU Commission will make a new call for tenders for the Galileo project that will limit each bidding company to two segments of the project, Handelsblatt reported, without saying where it got the information[More]
Raytheon completes final system test for Indian SBAS

SLA mobile services

New Glonass satellite comes online

Forest fire monitoring system

Over 100 million PND Units by 2011

China launches new RS satellite

Global market worth $48.8 billion by 2012

Yahoo ties-up with nine mobile operators

SatNav GPS mobiles 

Immersion powered GPS units by Koreans 

Satellite imaging for rail navigation

Multiple agencies respond to California fires

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