August 2007, volume 1 issue 1

Geospatial futurology Robin Mannings  |  Is Google Earth disruptive? Ed Parson  |  NSDI ? then, now and whe(never) Mukund Rao  |  The benefits of future GNSS Yu-sheng Hung, Yun-wen Hung & Kai-wei Chiang  |  Managing land information Brig M V Bhat  |  Conference Cambridge  |  Infrastructure Development  |  Esri's User Conference  |  Trans Nav 2007


Geospatial futurology
AT the turn of the millennium there was a mood of optimism and then it all changed. The dot-com bubble burst, 9/11 occurred and climate change became an ?uncomfortable truth?. [more]

NSDI ? then, now and whe(never)
It was great euphoria for almost 300- 400 Indians (and quite a few meshing international experts) SDI professionals when the ?NSDI: Strategy and Action Plan? was adopted in the impressive 1st NSDI workshop in Delhi in Feb, 2001. [more]

The conventional geomatics industry including mapping and surveying applications has been revolutionized with the use of GPS, which is the best known, and currently fully operational satellite based navigation system operated by USA [more]

Industry news
Galileo update
Other news

Optech Plays Key Role in NASA?s Phoenix Mars Mission

Niels Appel appointed Executive Vice President at Contex

Google Earth integrates SOCET

DigitalGlobe expands distribution network in Australia

Topcon acquired certain assets of Javad Navigation Systems

Leica GMX902 GG and Leica ScanStation 2

US, EU agree on GPSGalileo compatibility

The United States and the European Union (EU) have announced a formal agreement .....[More]

UK presses private Galileo role

The UK says it still believes the private sector should share the risk and...[More]

Germany remains opposed to extra EU budget

German fi nance minister Peer Steinbruck remains opposed to using additional public funds....[More]

GPS helps Beijing Olympic offi cials to ensure food safety [More]

China introduces new policies on geographic information [More]

NDMC to introduce smart map of the city [More]

Antrix may sign pacts to launch large satellites [More]

Airtel announces GPS navigation... [More]

LBS spending in 2007 nearly USD 1.5 bln [More]

Centre for Geoinformation Technologies, 2007