Aug 2009

MSAS performance evaluation under ionospheric conditions  Nyo Mi Saw, Nobuaki Kubo and Sam Pullen | NLRMP: Mission Possible Maj Gen (DR) B Nagarajan, Sharad Raval and NK Agrawal   | Un-Earthly Coordinates Muneendra Kumar | Educational library of GNSS signals for navigation  Emanuela Falletti, Davide Margaria and Beatrice Motella| His Coordinates Alexander Wiechert, Jeff Yates

MSAS performance evaluation under ionospheric conditions
Nyo Mi Saw, Nobuaki Kubo and Sam Pullen
In order to examine the capabilities of MSAS, we compare the positioning performance of MSAS and Single-Frequency precise point positioning (PPP) at 7 GPS reference stations from northern Japan to southern Japan selected from the network of over 1200 stations that make up the GEONET  

NLRMP: Mission Possible
Maj Gen (DR) B Nagarajan, Sharad Raval and NK Agrawal
We presented draft guidelines on implementation of National Land Records Modernisation Programme by the Government of India in May -09 Issue of Coordinates. Some more experts’ comments.

Un-Earthly Coordinates
Muneendra Kumar
Of course, it would be extremely rare, when any GPS surveying and/ or “navigating” to the North Pole is undertaken. One such opportunity occurred In April 2005. British explorer Tom Avery in his effort(s) to recreate Adm. Robert Peary’s epic journey of April 1909 to North Pole took GPS to navigate himself.

“We have just scratched the surface of what photogrammetry will do for all of us in the future”
Alexander Wiechert

We understand very well how to develop industry leading high-end products and still be able to offer them for a reasonable market price. We achieve this by a balanced combination of proprietary high-end technology with standard components and the unique approach   [more]

Industry news
Galileo update
Other news

The 6th ISDE begins from 9th Sep onwards

Ordnance Survey works with GRACE

Technical tutorials on Sep 21-22 before ION GNSS

Leica CloudWorx™ 1.0 for SmartPlant

Hemisphere & Juniper offer DGPS Receiver

DGPS for ESRI ArcPad8

Multi-GNSS test system by Spirent

Chronos CTL3500 GPS Interference Monitor

Trimble creates Geospatial Division

Open source database connection by Topocad

DeLorme enters digital map market


Telespazio takes control of Galileo Ground Facility
Telespazio has taken over management of a Galileo satellite constellation control centre [more]

GIOVE-A operations extended for another year
GIOVE-A, the first test satellite for Europe’s Galileo navigation system, is to remain in service for a further 12 months.[more]

Europeans fight over the Galileo Satellite Network
The politicians want one thing, economists another, and the ESA something completely different. [more]

EU satnav project ill-conceived
The EU’s much delayed project Galileo has been ill-prepared and badly managed, the European Court of Auditors charged. [more]


4.7-inch Maestro PND by Magellan

New Jersey may ban manual GPS

GPS can lead walkers astray

Indian GPS augmentation goes ahead

SVN-49 GPS satellite still not usable

Russia to hike GPS duty

ISRO gets 40% more funds

CRISP receives GeoEye

RazakSAT launches successfully

Swine flu pandemic planning

Bangladesh digital mapping project

New image processing product by ITT

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