Volume XIV, Issue 3, March 2018

Development of advanced earthquake prediction method using artificial intelligence

Shunji Murai, Shoichi Teshima

Education: Challenges in India

Maj Gen (Dr) B.Nagarajan, Susmita Bhattacharyya

Road design parameter analysis based on the GNSS data collected by android device

Akhilesh Kumar Karna, Dinesh Manandhar

Simple and effective RAIM technique for multiple outliers

Kong Longtao, Wang Wenli, Zhang Shuhui

Pushing beyond the limits of technology

Dr Burkhard Boeckem

Sentinel-1 SAR data based flood mapping and monitoring of River Kosi, Bihar, India

Shashi Shekhar
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Volume XIV, Issue 2, February 2018

Technology trends: From GPS to multi-constellation GNSS

Guy Buesnel

Academic drift and surveying education

Dr Garfield Young

Assessment of accuracy of basic maneuvers performed by an UAV during autonomous flight


Innovations and new standards for mapping of villages in Indonesia

Fahmi Amhar, Bambang Riadi, Fachrul Hidayat, Tia Rizka Nuzula Rachma

GNSS education: Prospects and challenges

Mia Filic´and Renato Filjar, Kosasih Prijatna and Dudy D Wijaya, Ashley Brooks, Mourad BOUZIANI, Dinesh Manandhar

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3D cadastre models are recognized as valuable solutions to provide enriched spatial representation for overlapping properties, above-ground and subsurface infrastructures, mining rights, etc. (Paulsson and Paasch, 2013;Pouliot et al., 2011; Stoter et al., 2013).

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The rapid development and increased demand for spatial information infrastructures in many jurisdictions have made spatial information an invaluable tool in policy formulation and evidence-based decision making.

May 2015 | No Comment

Navigation making use of advanced technologies, notably involving radiowaves providing precise information on positioning, navigation options and on the surrounding geographic environment, has become an ever more present phenomenon in today’s societies…

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Himachal Pradesh has been experiencing massive growth in hydel electricity projects during the last two decades or so. It was mainly on account of successive state government’s policy and emphasis on harnessing the hydel power potential of the state. As Himachal Pradesh…

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During the last ten years, the possibilities for data acquisition in geodesy have been rapidly improved. The devices have become cheaper, smaller and more accurate and, on the other hand, they are capable of gathering a large number of data within a very short time interval.