Volume XIII, Issue 10, October 2017

Smart sustainable cities for all: A socio-spatial approach

Maryam Rabiee, Abbas Rajabifard

The potential use of VGI for 3D cadastre surveys

Maria GKELI, Charalabos IOANNIDIS, Chryssy POTSIOU

Low cost GNSS and Geo-referencing

Tomoye Allen,Ronaldo Brown, Amahl Hutchinson, Keith Wignall, Glendon G. Newsome

Development of inverse pedagogy through the implementation of a wireless response system

Daniel Paez, Luis Rubio

Modern quality assessments for control points measurements and calculations

Omer Bar, Yuri Roy
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Volume XIII, Issue 09, September 2017

Review of the 3D Modelling Algorithms and Crowdsourcing

Maria GKELI, Charalabos IOANNIDIS, Chryssy POTSIOU

Mapping beyond boundaries

Dinebari Akpee, Gaage Friday Aabe, Aogo Olutosin Jacob, Needam Yiinu

Low Cost GNSS and Geo-referencing of Small Rural Cadastral Surveys

Tomoye Allen,Ronaldo Brown, Amahl Hutchinson, Keith Wignall, Glendon G. Newsome

Monitoring of the interference environment on large vehicles

Karen von Hünerbein, Werner Lange

Fishponds extraction using rule based classification and support vector machine of lidar data

R T Alberto, S C Serrano, G B Damian, E E Camaso, A R Biagtan,N Z Panuyas, J C Quibuyen

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Security of tenure and incontestable spatial definition of land is the major contributor to the economy of developed states and is the economic springboard for developing states. E-governance technology is now a major component of administering all aspects of this sector.

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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is the latest photogrammetric system which has been used across many fields such as a military reconnaissance, heritage site documentation, a precise agriculture mapping, a construction site mapping, a real-time hazard mapping project, etc…

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Designing Land Registry-Cadastre Data Theme (TRGIS.TK) is presented and discussed in this study. This data theme is one of the base geo-data themes…

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In most countries, the cadastral system is just taken for granted, and the impact of the system in terms of facilitating an efficient land market and supporting effective land-use administration is often not fully recognised. The reality is that the impact of a well-functioning cadastral system…

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Urbanisation is one of our most significant challenges (Suzuki et al, 2010). Rightly or wrongly, achieving sustainable urbanisation has been increasing reliant on high-rise, high-density buildings as the dominant urban form, and the stratified use of space to provide infrastructure, utilities and services both above and underground.