Volume XIII, Issue 09, September 2017

Review of the 3D Modelling Algorithms and Crowdsourcing

Maria GKELI, Charalabos IOANNIDIS, Chryssy POTSIOU

Mapping beyond boundaries

Dinebari Akpee, Gaage Friday Aabe, Aogo Olutosin Jacob, Needam Yiinu

Low Cost GNSS and Geo-referencing of Small Rural Cadastral Surveys

Tomoye Allen,Ronaldo Brown, Amahl Hutchinson, Keith Wignall, Glendon G. Newsome

Monitoring of the interference environment on large vehicles

Karen von Hünerbein, Werner Lange

Fishponds extraction using rule based classification and support vector machine of lidar data

R T Alberto, S C Serrano, G B Damian, E E Camaso, A R Biagtan,N Z Panuyas, J C Quibuyen
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Volume XIII, Issue 08, August 2017

Indoor Positioning Using Probabilistic Virtual Anchor Point Graphs

Eike Jens Hoffmann

Synchronet service demonstration results in DEMETRA H2020 Project

Enrico Varriale, Quirino Morante

GNSS data for ionosphere characterization

Josip Vukovic´ , Tomislav Kos

PGM2016: A new Geoid Model for the Philippines

R Gatchalian, R Forsberg, A Olesen

Jun 2017 | No Comment

The construction of infrastructure requires land on which the infrastructure is planned. If the constructor does not have any formal rights to that land, land use conversion needs to takes place such that the land can be legally acquired by the construction…

Jun 2017 | No Comment

The European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS) provides an augmentation of the open public service offered by the GPS. EGNOS makes GPS suitable for safety critical applications such as civil aviation…

Jun 2017 | No Comment

Contemporary navigation systems heavily rely on the satellite based systems, mostly still on GPS. The systems proved robust and accurate enough for the vast majority of its today uses. However, there are situations where the reliability and the accuracy of such systems do not meet the expected criteria…

Jun 2017 | No Comment

India is at an infrastructure crossroads. As demand for infrastructure development has grown, the country’s tireless growth has raced ahead of its ability to develop and deliver the necessary number infrastructure projects…

May 2017 | No Comment

Balloons can be regarded as the oldest platform for aerial observations. As early as in 1858, Tournachon aboard a hotair balloon…