Volume XIII, Issue 04, April 2017

Modification of the reference frame of Uzbekistan topographic maps based on the GNSS

Mirmakhmudov Erkin

Low cost aerial mapping with consumer grade drones

S L Madawalagama, N Munasinghe, S D P J Dampegama, L Samarakoon

National space policy 2030: Driving the space sector in Malaysia

Sholehah Ismail, Dr Noordin Ahmad

With e-Services towards transparent and trustworthy cadastre

Libor Tomandl, Vladimira Zufanova PhD.

Water Quality Estimate in the Isahaya Bay with UAV

Haruhiro Hidaka, Susumu Ogawa, Shuntaro Otsubo, Seiji Suzuki
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MAY 2017 TO OCTOBER 2017
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Volume XIII, Issue 03, March 2017

“Initial Services”, the new phase of the Galileo program

Dr ing Marco Lisi

Outcomes of SBAS-Africa projects

J Ostolaza, D Pérez, J J Lera, D Hill, V Boissinot, W Roberts, S Basker, E Avenant, G Lamprecht, S Sheppard, P Milway, Mercedes Reche

Space Weather, from the Sun to the Earth, the key role of GNSS

Dr Christine Amory- Mazaudier, Dr Rolland Fleury, Sharafat Gadimova, Abderrahmane Touzani

Fit for Purpose Parcel Mapping Methodologies for a Seamless Cadastre Database

Jack McKennas

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Bentley advances infrastructure by delivering solutions for the entire lifecycle of the infrastructure asset, tailored to the needs of the various professions – engineers, architects, planners, contractors, fabricators, IT managers, operators, and maintenance engineers – who will work on and work with that asset over its lifetime…

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Situated above the Arctic circle, the Northern Part of Finland called Lapland, is known for its unique knowhow in technologies dealing with snow, ice and cold. This is not suprising taken into account that winter lasts here for more than 6 months and snow tchikness rises up to 1 metre.

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GNSS-based localization is no more or less secure today than it was a decade ago. From a technical standpoint, GNSS has always been vulnerable, and the equipment required to compromise it has long been accessible to everyone…

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For many developing countries such as Uganda, the potential of GNSS has not been fully exploited due to the absence of accurate regional gravimetric quasi-geoid models…

Dec 2016 | No Comment

Due to the increasing probability of rock falls and landslides caused by environmental change, the necessity for monitoring of geo-risk areas is growing…