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“We were impressed with thesoftware’s capability and processingtimes. The results achieved were notonly produced quickly, but with a highdegree of accuracy”- Mr. Mohamad El Kadi, Managing Director of Space Imaging Middle East

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INSPIRE stands for Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe. It is a European framework legislation that aims to create a European Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) that is built on the top on National SDI developed and operated by the European Member States…

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Both the eBee and swinglet CAM have been designed with ease of use for the end user in mind. Our drones are hand launched then fly & land fully autonomously. Safety is high on our list of priorities at senseFly, which is why our systems were developed with a foam airframe and rear-mounted propeller to…

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Traditionally, photogrammetry required significant manual effort, which limited its utilization. Since digital photogrammetry was introduced, there has been a constant improvement of the camera systems and the processing workflow. More data can now be collected and processed.

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The Ashtech-branded GNSS boards and Integrator-ready GNSS receivers are now managed as part of the Trimble Integrated Technologies (OEM) business. That business sells not only GNSS technology but also digital radio technology and other integrator offerings including software and services. The Ashtech GNSS OEM portfolio nicely complements the existing Trimble “BD” range of GNSS boards, providing integrators with a wide range of options and capabilities to choose from.

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There have been many technological advances in cadastre, particularly with the workflows of how parcel data is managed and published. It’s obvious that data collection via satellite imagery, total station, and GPS have all advanced, but lesser seen is the management of this data, particularly maintaining all aspects of parcel data…

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senseFly drones were developed to off er end users a comprehensive mapping system that is both easy to use and portable without the need to be an experienced pilot. With our systems being the lightest in the industry at less than 700 grams and compact enough to fit into a single hand luggage case transportation is not a problem even to remote launch sites.

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It has come to our notice that Google India organised a competition called ‘Mapathon 2013’ wherein they invited the public to participate in mapping their neighbourhoods. These maps were then supposed to be uploaded on the website of the US-based search engine.

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The major application of Geoinformatics in rural development sector primarily are natural resources development, watershed development, Mahatma Gandhi National Employment Guarantee Scheme asset monitoring, rural roads, drinking water & sanitation, rural health, agriculture, animal husbandry, minor irrigation, soil conservation, afforestation, disaster management, land records & revenue and a host of other related applications…

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NIRD’s primary mission is economic and social development of rural people, particularly rural poor and the underprivileged. We undertake capacity development of functionaries involved in rural development across the country…