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says Stuart Woods, Vice President, Geospatial Solutions Division, Leica Geosystems AG in an interview with Coordinates…

How does 3-D capture technologies help to ‘understand infrastructures’ better?
The world is not flat. By working with 3-D technologies, we are able to represent our world in a model which best approximates reality. This enables us to compare to …

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says Alexander Wiechert, CEO of Vexcel Imaging in an interview with Coordinates..

What is unique about Ultracam Panther?
The UltraCam Panther is a versatile, portable Mobile Mapping System. It carries complementary sensors to capture full-spherical imagery and video, dense 3D LiDAR point clouds and precise geopositioning information in both indoor and outdoor environments.
The UltraCam Panther’s …

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Dr Jayanta Kumar Ray

Vice President – GNSS and Aerospace Electronics, Accord Software & Systems Pvt Ltd India shares his thoughts on issues and possibilities of GNSS in India

Your vision is “Innovative Information Technology Solutions for a better world”. Explain how your products and solutions are aligned with the vision statement.
Accord has been striving to …

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The Initial Services are the services offered by the Galileo satellite navigation system which became operational in December 2016: Open Service, Public Regulated Service and Search and Rescue Service. These services are provided according to pre-defined performances…

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No, not at all. It has been very much a live entity devoted to facilitating provision of discovery and access to spatial data sets captured by different partnering agencies of National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI)…

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P M P Udayakantha

Surveyor General of Sri Lanka

Please explain briefly the vision and mission of Survey Department of Sri Lanka (SLSD)? How is it being achieved the present days context?
Our vision is “To be the leader in providing land information right through”
Our mission is “Provide high quality land information products and services through …

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Krishna Raj BC

Director General, Survey Department, Nepal

What are the major activities of Survey Department, Nepal?
Survey Department, under the Ministry of Land Reform and Management, is the National Mapping Organization (NMO) of Nepal. The Department is responsible for regulating, monitoring and coordinating surveying, mapping and geospatial activities in the country. Major activities of the Department …

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What are the main functions of National Land Commission and how is Survey of Bhutan associated with it?

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Vexcel Imaging GmbH, Microsoft’s UltraCam Business Unit, is undergoing an ownership change planned for early March 2016. After ten years contributing to Microsoft as a subsidiary, next month Vexcel Imaging GmbH will again become an independent company upon its expected acquisition by a private investor group.

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Hi-Target catch-phrase is ‘ Surveying the world, Mapping the future’. Could you please elaborate the thought behind it?