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For space faring nations or group of nations, maintaining their autonomy in the engineering of technologies allowing the success of exploration missions is mandatory. This article focuses on one of these technologies…

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The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released on November 7, 2013 its first annual Roadmap outlining efforts needed to safely integrate unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) into the nation’s airspace. The Roadmap addresses current and future policies

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Bhuvan (, a unique geoportal of NRSC that provide diversified geospatial services, is gaining popularity day by day and is much appreciated for its dynamic services. Initiated in 2009, Bhuvan has grown up rapidly and has made its impact on Indian user community. Expanding it’s state-ofart facilities and a datacentre at Hyderabad, Bhuvan is now extending geographically with its distributed architecture.

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Potential conflicts between customary and / or informal systems of land tenure with the state supported formal systems of land registration are an issue in many developing regions. Africa presents a significant challenge because the traditional authorities (chiefs, clans, families etc.)

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In the last two decades, Kenya has faced a rising degree of vulnerability to the risk of disaster. Risk is the probability of a hazard turning into a disaster, with households or communities being affected in such a manner that their lives and livelihoods are seriously disrupted beyond their capacity to cope or withstand using their own resources…

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In recent years there has been an explosion in the sporting world in the use of GPS. You will scarcely see a runner or cyclist on the road without either a smartphone strapped to their arm, or a dedicated GPS device clamped to their handlebars, tracking their every move. The amount of information that the modern sportsperson – from casual amateurs to full time professionals – is logging, analysing, and sharing is phenomenal. There are now dozens of ways of uploading data for the whole world to share and study.

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Uttarakhand is in absolute shambles. Disaster, with most people calling it more manmade than natural, has exposed the fragility of this beautiful yet ecologically vulnerable region. Untold and unimaginable damage has been done with surging rivers and flash floods bringing…

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In order to solve the underlying problem, Korea MOLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport) enacted a special act on cadastral resurvey, proclaimed this on 16 September 2011. With the implementation of this special act from 17 March 2012, a CRP (Cadastral Renovation Project) has been being promoted in earnest.

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In this first application of morphometrics to earthquakes, plot sequences are first provided for coordinate shifts, rotations, and uniform scaling on each separate day. In addition to those seven time histories from Procrustes representations,

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Cities in developing countries are expanding rapidly and consuming every possible space available. The growth is not only in their physical expansion but also the increased urban population. The space consumption is again not only…